Let’s help raise funds for this lola for her cancer treatment!

In these trying times, many people who are already sick are at added risk because of their compromised immune systems. Not only are they already struggling, but they’re having a difficult time now that quarantine measures are in place. Add a senior citizen status to that and it’s triply difficult to get the right kind of treatment and attention needed in such a delicate circumstance.

One lola in particular has been having a very difficult time during the pandemic. Already diagnosed with cancer, she needs funds to be raised to help her get by. She’s already being fed via tube, but the family needs more funds to help continue treatment. Twitter user @ljhlxndria posted about it to help the family and it quickly went viral on Twitter with people clamoring for donations.

Read more about the tweet and how to help here:



As mentioned, you can help via Gcash. Hopefully we can help out!

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