Let’s Go Green Together This 2019

The first ever Green Conference was held at the Containers Hotel in Tagaytay last June 19. Different environmental advocacy groups came together to share their different practices in protecting and preserving our Mother Earth.

The venue itself was a hub of environmental conservation from the very materials that built it to the paintings that decorate its walls.

In this forum, people from all walks of life gathered to express their concern for the environment, and to share ways on how to help it thrive in harmony with the humans that populate it. To these people,  environmentalism is not a trend; rather, it is a lifestyle.

The conference featured different presentations from representatives of various organizations that explored the different ways they contribute to the benefit of the environment. The organizations that presented their advocacies at the Green Conference were the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF),  Down To Earth, Everything Green, Pusod Incorporated, The Plastic Solution, First Keeva Innovation Corporation, and Mad Travel. The speakers talked about awareness, problems and solutions to environmental concerns throughout the conference.

Topics such as regenerative agriculture, biodynamic farming, recycling, and composting were some of the many solutions taken up at the conference. With the technology and knowledge presented, we were shown different ways on how to adopt a greener lifestyle.

For our part, we can start patronizing organic food and encourage the manufacturing of consumer products that are less harmful to the environment. Additionally, we can properly segregate our waste material, so that the biodegradable and non-biodegradable remains can be properly disposed of and made use of for recyclable purposes. This includes reusing plastic waste for renewed purposes, and using organic waste for composting. Of course, if we were to eliminate or reduce the use of plastic disposable products completely, this would help a lot more in terms of waste management.

Not all the alternatives are easy, and they will require sacrifices; but this is all done to ensure that we all have a better chance of enjoying this beautiful planet of ours. These advocacies will not only benefit our current generation, but all the generations of  humanity to come. The speakers stressed how much we can ensure our environment’s survival if we all do our part. These lifestyle changes cover every aspect of our daily life choices.

As part of the conference, we were graced with a mini bazaar that feature the different advocacies taken up at the forum.  Different booths were set up by participating organizations to showcase their different services and products that represent their individual advocacies, each with a unique perspective on contributing to environmental care.

The Everything Green booth featured their product, Green-ne-las, which is made of bakbak, the waste material of abaca.

The First Teeva Innovation Corporation showcased its eco-friendly and consumer-safe products which use essential oils with no solvents.

The Down To Earth booth featured ways to create your own vertical farm in the comforts of your home.

The Containers Hotel booth showed materials used in the process of creating environmentally friendly soap, shampoo, and bath gel.

These are some of the sample environmentally friendly soaps from the Containers Hotel booth.

The display booths further emphasized that the environmental advocacies presented at the conference were not mere visions, but realities that have born fruit in their natural form. The opportunities for a greener lifestyle are all around, and it’s up to us to join in this growing community of environmental conservation advocates.

The Down To Earth booth also provided organic farm consultancy using regenerative agriculture for would-be farmers.

With these viable alternatives laid before us, how could we not make the choice to ‘go green’? If there’s one thought that stuck to me throughout the conference, it is that if there are more people that make these lifestyle changes for the environment, then the more viable the alternatives will become. So, it really starts with what we decide to do.

And so, the first Green Conference left us with a vision of the future that starts today.  Make green goals one of your life goals, and let’s go green together.


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