Let’s Get Glam: A Makeup Competition

The Let’s Get Glam Makeup Competition is organized by SHRIM students of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila. Our event aims to execute a successful event online and to bring opportunities to aspiring make-up artists to showcase their talent and passion through make-up.

The creativity of the participants will be shown as they are challenged to think outside of the box to make extraordinary art. This individual competition will go through three stages: Elimination, semifinals, and finals. 

The theme for the final round of the competition is “Buwan ng Wika: Hala Bira”. This is to celebrate the month of August where we usually commemorate certain things regarding the Filipino Heritage. A few of these are our culture, delicacy & language. 

On the other hand, the word “Hala Bira” is an Aklanon language, you’ll usually hear this during the Ati—atihan Festival the mother of all Philippine Festivals. The meaning of the word is “dispense all means”. In these troubling times, it is important to help one another and not be selfish. We have a global pandemic and we should lend a hand to our fellow brothers and sisters no matter how small our efforts may be. A little act of kindness for one another can make a huge impact and change the world. 

The Let’s Get Glam Organization supports those who have small businesses, we greatly appreciate each and everyone who passionately runs their businesses to help their families in these times. 

Join us to celebrate our culture and art at the upcoming Let’s Get Glam Makeup Competition Grand Finale on August 6, 2021, Friday. 6:00PM

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