Let There Be Music: 10 OPM Acts To Brighten Up Your Day And Delight Your Ears

 Let There Be Music: 10 OPM Acts To Brighten Up Your Day And Delight Your Ears

One thing I learned since coming to the Philippines is that food and music play big parts in everyday life here. I have to watch my waistline these days, but when it comes to music, I’m all game for an all-you-can-hear buffet. There are so many great OPM bands and artists out there that I thought it would be nice to shine a spotlight on some of them right here on When In Manila, so here are 10 OPM acts to brighten up your day and add to your playlist.

weareimaginary-opm-10-acts-tolisten-toWe Are Imaginary, one of the ten acts featured on this page. Image Credit:  Mary Whitney Photography

1. We Are Imaginary

Originally known as “Your Imaginary Friends” before a defunct US band threw a legal spanner in the works, We Are Imaginary have been around for a while and produce the type of sound that makes you hit the replay button again and again: https://www.facebook.com/weareimaginary 

2. Nights of Rizal

Melodic electro goodness best served with a Manila skyline at sunrise. Also fits high-end whiskey adverts and chilled out after-parties. Probably. Definitely has some nice analog style sounds worth checking out: https://www.facebook.com/nightsofrizal

3. Tarsius

More tidy electronic beats, this time with a sound that somehow seems to fit the big city. Think time-lapsed traffic videos, fast moving clouds above skyscrapers, and a feeling of being lost – in the beat, the city, anywhere. Reminds me of Appogee, an electronics act I once came across by pure coincidence and liked so much I had the CD shipped all the way from CD Baby in the USA to little me in the tiny Isle of Man. You do that for good music. Tarsius is good music, and no airmail shipment needed: https://www.facebook.com/tarsiusmanila    

4. Dragonfly Collector

Smooth melodies that would sound equally good as background to your dreamy Instagram video or on center stage in a posh nightclub, Dragonfly Collector will suck you in and calm you down in no-time. This is the solo project of award winning singer-songwriter Clementine: https://www.facebook.com/ilcollettore

5. The Strangeness

If Alt-Country-slash-Rock’n Roll is down your highway, then enter The Strangeness. Situated somewhere between fun and, well, strange, the sound is anything but mainstream and attracts the ear in strange ways. Enough strenuous uses of the word strange, though – just listen to it and enjoy: https://www.facebook.com/thestrangeness

6. Child/ren of the Pilgrimage

Beautifully crafted sound that will occupy your ears with ease and remain there for a long time to come. I could try and describe it further with big sounding words and much hipsterness, but instead will just leave you to listen to it. Nobody likes verbal hipsterness anyway: Child/ren of the Pilgrimage

7. Pedicab 

Another one for the roadtrip playlist. Very randomly reminds me of Tocotronic, a 90s German band of the “School of Hamburg” movement. Worthy of your attention for sure: https://www.facebook.com/PedicabManila

8. Read Between The Lions

If you’re after a decent dose of melodic rock, then Read Between The Lions might tick your box. Perfect as soundtrack for your road trip or when enjoyed live with a cold beer during one of their many gigs in the Metro: https://www.facebook.com/ReadBetweenTheLions

9. The Ransom Collective

One more for your road trip, or any time when you need some good music to lift your mood. From dreamy to driven, The Ransom Collective has it all and deserves a space in your music library: https://www.facebook.com/theransomcollective

10. Ciudad

You know the kind of band where in every single video you can tell how much fun they have making music? That’s Ciudad. This level of fun probably requires a Barangay clearance and a city hall permit of some sort, because it’s infectious and will have you whistling along all day. Ciudad on Facebook


These are just ten out of hundreds of talented and awesome acts out there, and if you have a favorite you think I should check out, let me know! My contact details are on the When In Manila Authors Page and I’m already planning my next list of more acts to feature here. In the end, you can never have enough music in your life!