Leonardo DiCaprio is Producing the Captain Planet Movie


Do you remember Captain Planet, that green-haired environmentalist superhero who battled pollution with his Planeteers? It was a popular Cartoon Network show in the ’90s. Now it’s returning because there’s going to be a film adaptation, and Leonardo DiCaprio is producing!

The only names attached to the adaptation are DiCaprio, co-producer Jennifer Davisson Killoran, and writers Jono Matt and Glen Powell. There’s still no word who will direct or star as the titular hero and the five Planeteers.

The ’90s show followed five youths from around the world who are given rings to control an element (and in the case of Ma-Ti, heart) and conjure Captain Planet. Together, they defend the planet from man-made and natural disasters.

However, the film adaptation will be set in the future, with Captain Planet as a “washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The ’90s cartoon was received so well that the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) was set up in 1991, which gave seed money to promising environmental projects presented by schools and organizations around the world. Series producer Barbara Pyle negotiated that a percentage of the show’s merchandising revenue to support the CPF.

In 2011, the comedy website Funny or Die produced a parody of the series.

Watch it below:

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