Leo DiCaprio Just Posted A Photo Of PH’s Freedom Island Before And After Cleanup

It’s no wonder that the world loves Leonardo DiCaprio. Aside from being in a string of critically and commercially acclaimed movies such as Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, Inception, Catch Me If You Can, and The Great Gatsby, among others, most of them directed by Martin Scorsese.


Yet the prolific actor shows that he’s more than just his big name. When he finally won an Oscar award for his performance in The Revenant, instead of basking in the glory (as he deserved to, in the first place!), he dedicated his speech to an impassioned call to solve climate change. He also owns the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a nonprofit that directs its efforts to environmental issues around the world. He’s definitely an actor who’s not afraid to use his A-list status for higher causes.

Being the environmentalist that he is, the actor shared before-and-after photos of Manila’s Freedom Island, when it had first been filled with trash, and after the beach had undergone a coastal cleanup.

Leo posted:

“Plastic or no plastic. Which do you prefer?”

The Philippines is the third largest source of ocean plastic pollution around the world, according to Greenpeace. And actors like Leo are definitely bringing the spotlight towards where it matters.

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