Lemuria: Most Romantic Date Spot in Manila

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Whenever I want to celebrate a special occasion, whether it be with a birthday of a loved one, a get-together with good friends or a date with a significant other, I’d usually head out to certain restaurants in Tagaytay because of the quality of the food served and the crisp, cool atmosphere. Plus ,it doesn’t hurt that I usually sit at a table that’s surrounded by nature. However, as of late, I haven’t had the time to take such trips, so I was nothing short of ecstatic when I found out about a restaurant, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city that was at par or actually even better than of those that I dine at in Tagaytay right here in Quezon City!

When in Manila and in search for a lovely venue to celebrate special occasions with a loved one, make your way to Lemuria! “Lemuria remains as exclusive and secluded today as it did when it first threw its doors open as a gourmet fine dining restaurant. Its mystical name still arouses curiosity but patrons have kept coming back for its French-Mediterranean cuisine and the wide selection of wines offered straight from the cellars of Brumms Quality Wines, Inc.”

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Upon entering Lemuria‘s compound, you are immediately greeted by a couple of Mediterranean style homes, one of which is the restaurant itself and the other, the home of the owner, Marian “Kit”” Schroeder.  The above is the restaurant proper wherein the 2cd floor is the dining area and the ground floor is Schroeder’s wine cellar that, when at full capacity, can hold up to 20, 000 bottles.

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Upon entering Lemuria‘s dining area, not only was I greeted by rustic interiors dominated by warm hues of red and yellow, but I was also welcomed by a waiter dressed in a crisp black and white uniform and was kindly escorted to my table. I will take this moment to say that some people say that when it comes to restaurants, as long as the food is good, they’ll put up with crappy service, however, I’m not one of those people. I’m the type of person who thinks that food and great service is what keeps customers coming back for more. With that being said, I’d like to commend Lemuria‘s wait staff and chef’s for such decorum.

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La Tomate  (Php380). A salad made up of fresh crisp greens, cherry tomatoes, bits of Kesong Puti and Ternate (veggie flower).

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Sea Bass (Php 950). Pan seared Chilean sea bass with mushroom risotto and fresh vierge.

I absolutely loved the mushroom risotto that was made from Chantrell and Porcini mushrooms fresh from Europe. Also, the Chilean sea bass was cooked to perfection: it was moist, flaky and ridiculously delicious! My only problem with this dish is that it is served in a small portion, it definitely leaves you wanting more!

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NOT YET ON THE MENU: Olive Oil with Chocolate Marquise served with Strawberry and Vanilla Sauce and Caramelized Bananas…

Okay, I won’t lie. I didn’t really enjoy this as I felt that the olive oil overpowered the chocolate. In fact, all I could taste was olive oil. The only thing that the chocolate contributed to this dish was the color. I commend Chef Kevin for being creative and daring with the flavors, but… to say that this dish pales in comparison with the other dishes would be an understatement. Oh well, I guess you win some and you lose some. Personally, I’d recommend that you order the Nuefchatel Cheesecake, Carabao’s milk cheesecake with strawberry and Dulce de Leche- delicioso!

So, when in Manila and in search for a lovely venue to celebrate special occasions with a loved one, make your way to Lemuria!

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“Exquisite dining experience while feeling right at home.”

5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City

724 5211; 722 2185; 724 6306


Lemuria: Most Romantic Date Spot in Manila