LeMiel: Home of the Philippines’ First Rainbow Crepe

From cakes to bingsu and from iced coffee to smoothies, LeMiel is as sweet as its name. In French, LeMiel means “honey”, but that’s not the only thing they owe to the French. Their dessert menu and atmosphere pay homage to the land of love, as well.

As if that isn’t enough, you might have already noticed that bingsu is part of their menu and that is a Korean dessert – that’s because LeMiel is a French-Korean cafe.


LeMiel Cafe and Patisserie can only be found in Greenfield District for now, but an expansion to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) or Makati is in the works. Owner John Chua shares that he and his wife started baking as a hobby, even taking baking classes and attending coffee seminars to improve. This allows them to have a hands-on deck when it comes to managing the cafe.

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Entering the establishment will remind you of the times you wanted to be fancy and drink unlimited tea. You have the white brick wall, the fancy tea set, and the pink accents to thank for that. Their sumptuous cakes are strategically placed where they can immediately greet you the moment you enter.


Before we get to the best part (luring you with food photos), let me inform you that LeMiel is a dessert haven that’s not too sinful. They use 0% trans-fat cream. If you’re conscious but still want the best, you can enjoy their Gateau Fudge Chocolat that’s made of 100% pure Belgian chocolate, but is gluten-free and is 100% flour-less.


Gateau Fudge Chocolat (slice), P150

Impressed? Here’s another: Le Pavillon is a 5-layer cake that starts with a caramel glaze followed by chocolate mousse, then vanilla mousse, then almond dacquoise, and finally, rice krispies.


Le Pavillon


Blueberry Cheesecake (slice), P140

They say cakes are best paired with coffee. Lucky for us, LeMiel also serves our favorite caffeinated buddy. Unlike cafes that serve caramel macchiato with vanilla syrup mixed with caramel flavoring, LeMiel’s caramel macchiato actually contains caramel syrup. Also, while others only contain a 30ml espresso shot in their smallest variant, the coffee at Le Miel’s has 15ml more.


Caramel Macchiato (hot), P135

To conclude the French side of LeMiel, we proceed with our headliner: the Rainbow Mille Crepe. Did we mention it’s the first in the country? (Yes, we did. I just wanted to repeat it.) This 25-layer crepe boasts of various colors and flavors. Normally, I would go ahead and spoil the flavors, but guessing was the best part. I enjoyed guessing so much, I want everyone else to experience it.


Rainbow Mille Crepe (slice)

If, after trying the crepe, you found a flavor you especially like, LeMiel accepts customized crepes in their stall at the Greenfield District’s Weekend Market. Unfortunately, the customized crepe isn’t available at the store.

Au revoir and annyeonghaseyo! LeMiel’s bingsu is also a must-try. Both flavors (Very Berry and Classic) have two layers of everything; your berries don’t only appear at the top, they also surprise you when you get to the middle (now it isn’t a surprise anymore).


Very Berry, P160

LeMiel truly is a haven for dessert lovers – applicable to both the health-conscious and the daredevils. While dining in the restaurants surrounding the area, skip their dessert menu and head to LeMiel instead for a greater dessert experience.

LeMiel Cafe and Patisserie

Unit 15, The Hub, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeMielCafe/


Article by Jayrene Cruz.

Special thanks to Eunice Hernandez for the photos.