LEGO Just Revealed Their First PWD Figure!

LEGO just got a whole lot cooler!

In a move to encourage more diversity in its products, Lego just unveiled their new character — and he’s in a wheelchair.

LEGO, one of the most iconic toys in the world, has been well-loved by millions globally for enabling creative tinkerers to build their dream worlds, including characters and everyday people.

LEGO with disability

Now, LEGO has finally been able to officially represent more people from all walks of life as they included a new figure with a disability. The beanie-sporting young man, also seen with a guide dog, will be part of LEGO’s new “Fun in the Park” set.

This momentous milestone has come after ToyLikeMe, an organization lobbying toy companies to manufacture more inclusive products, was able to garner more than 20,000 signatures online.

The new “Fun in the Park” set will be available June this year!

Thoughts on this? What other figures would you like to see created for LEGO??

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