LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers!

Anyone who’s ever stepped on a LEGO knows that there’s no greater pain than that…. it’s a kind of pain you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! (Or would you?)

Now, to end years of pain from careless packing, this just may be the best news yet, or perhaps one that is long overdue: After 66 years, LEGO is finally releasing Anti-LEGO slippers to protect your feet from the torture of accidentally stepping on a LEGO brick!!

Lego slippers

66 years overdue, to be exact.

But don’t go running to your nearest department store just yet: the Anti-LEGO slippers will be produced in a limited run of 1,500 and will be randomly distributed to people who fill out Christmas wishlists on the LEGO French website.


While it’s not yet completely available to the public, there’s always regular slippers.

Thoughts on this? Do you think anti-LEGO slippers would be extremely useful?