Bank Mistakenly Deposits Almost P2 Billion Into Customer’s Account

We’ve all had the fantasy of one day waking up to an unbelievable amount of money in our bank accounts. Plus points if the money also happens to magically show up out of the blue without any kind of work on our parts. Unfortunately, most of us were born on the losing end of the birth lottery and will never experience that.

bank atm stock photo

(Bank accidentally deposits over P6 million to couple’s bank account)

But one woman from Dallas, Texas had just that happen to her one random day. Ruth Balloon, a shoe store employee, shared with ABC the time her bank mistakenly deposited $37 million (or Php 1.87 billion) into her account. “I was hoping someone really gifted us $37 million,” she said.

After checking her account and seeing the surprising amount, Ruth told her husband about the money. Together, they decided to call their bank and inquire about the sudden $37 million newly present in their account. The bank, Legacy Texas, explained that it was a clerical error and promptly retrieved the money.

“I was a millionaire. I have a screenshot of it, so I can say that now. It’s quite a story,” Ruth said while explaining that she never intended to keep the money as it was not her’s.

Legacy Texas attributed the mistake to an exchange-rate mix-up which happened during a manual input of foreign currency.

Would you return the money?

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