Ledz Scarlet: Your Source of Artsy Handmade Crafts

With the Christmas season just around the corner, I’m pretty sure some of us are already on the lookout for cute gifts for our friends and family. Here’s an idea: why not give them something cute and artsy? Check out the works of Ledz Scarlet for your next adorable gift! Or something to add to your personal collection.


What started out as a hobby branched out into something she can earn from.

Ledz, the owner of Ledz Scarlet and the creator of the online shop’s artsy crafts, initially posted handmade accessories on her personal Instagram account back in 2013. With her colleagues urging her to sell them (plus sudden inquiries from Baguio and UAE), Ledz decided to put up her online shop which now sells a variety of her works.



Her current obsession is making these doughnut and pizza plushies which are perfect for the long road trips. Yes, those are handmade and painted with effort and love by hand!


Ledz also makes these cute popsicle stick bookmarks and mini popsicle paintings which can double as a letter keeper or bookmark organizer.

Again, these are made with love and effort by hand by none other than the artistic and talented shop owner herself.



Pretty cute, huh? Catch Ledz Scarlet and check out her works in upcoming holiday bazaars or check out her Instagram shop for her other products, all of which are handmade. Who knows? Her works might be the perfect gift for your loved ones!


Ledz Scarlet

Instagram: @ledz_scarlet
Facebook: www.facebook.com/artsybellabyledzs