Learnings from the adobo Festival of Ideas 2015

Ideas change the world.

This is an important point that stuck in my head after attending the recently concluded adobo Festival of Ideas 2015 held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila.

With the theme “Driving the Creative Economy”, Adobo Magazine spearheaded the event with a roster of amazing speakers.

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What I learned?

adobo FOI 2015 (2)

The event had several sessions that imparted several learnings in more ways than one. Let’s take a quick look at each of these sessions and what we learned from them.

  • Manny Ayala and Kenneth Cobunpue were the speakers for Session 1. They discussed how its important to note that creativity is a cycle. There should be role models and there are prodigies. Mentoring is essential and learnings should be passed on.
  • Session 2 was by Lou Dela Peña and Paolo Mercado, who are Pinoys with long experience working outside of the country. They emphasized that Filipinos were global even before global was in. They mentioned that the Filipino has a creative heart and is world-class creative. Thus, it is essential to to leverage on the local strength.
  • Session 3 followed immediately with Dan Matutina as speaker. He talked about how important design is in the success of a business. He gave practical examples through his slides.
  • Eric Cruz talked for Session 4. He discussed about the future of advertising, which also touched a bit about the future of the world. He talked about progress and automation and robots.

    Basically, a lot of cool stuff that we all are looking forward several years from now.

  • Session 5 was done by Budjette Tan and Mike Constantino who had good insights on how turning an average idea into a timeless concept. They also talked about how turning a concept into a reality and how to create something new from an existing idea. They also talked a bit about imitation but strongly oppose plagiarism. There are many ideas around but it is important to find your own original and creative angle to make it useful.
  • Listening to the signal and not to the noise is what Session 6 was about. The session was done by Margot Torres and Ed Mapa, and was mostly about novel ideas to try in marketing and advertising.
  • David Guerrero and Ramon Jimenez Jr. did Session 7. The pair discussed the best practices in advertising. As an example, they discussed Guerrero‘s “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” tourism campaign.

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These are some of the learnings we picked up at the adobo Festival of Ideas 2015.

Care to share what learnings/ideas you got?