Learn the Magic Behind “The Secret”: Join The Holistic Retreats

The Secret won’t work, the law of attraction won’t work. If you still don’t have what you want, you should attend this workshop to find out the real reason and be able to move forward to achieve your goals.

Learn the Magic Behind "The Secret": Join The Holistic Retreats Law of Attraction

Maybe you know already the book/movie about the Law of Attraction: “The Secret”

“The Secret” workshop is based on the psychology of success and people who achieved extraordinary level of wealth, happiness and abundance. Many people have problems with choosing the right things and not knowing what is really good for them. They are stuck on traumas and experiences from the past, and live carrying big, heavy and useless baggage. Everyone knows it is healthier to not care about what people think about us. We also know that having happiness translates to living a serene life. However, most of us have the dilemma of not knowing how to achieve this. Ironically, we have the know-how and set of advices ready to support friends; but when it comes to our own well-being, we end up being clueless.

Let’s change this for the better! Are you ready?

The workshop

Our workshop is focused on practical and useful things that can be used to improve your lives. Of course, three days are not enough to do it, but it is a start. With our tools, you can begin integrating the changes into your life and ensure that these actually become a permanent fixture. It is not actually about learning new knowledge. It is about learning to accept life as it is, and we provide a safe place for such. Our teaching method is individualistic so as to give you the leeway to choose the most comfortable manner for you to work on what you need and follow your very own step by step process to success.

We guarantee our workshop to be effective, based on our own experience and that of previous participants. If you wish to read more about their experience, you can check out their testimonials -> www.wheninmanila.com/the-secret-workshop-the-holistic-retreats/

Learn the Magic Behind "The Secret": Join The Holistic Retreats Law of Attraction

Our background of experience

Depending on your needs, we will use different kinds of tools that are appropriate to help you find your own path to your constant development.

Mario Now will facilitate you on these days. He will share with you his experience from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) through Law of Attraction to Spiritual Way of Life (this includes meditation, chi gong, breathwork rebirth), and many others, if necessary, during the workshop proper. You can also have one-on-one Holistic Coaching sessions with Mario to help you achieve your expectations. We will have also special guest, member of our team Natali Kowalski from Russia. She will conduct morning yoga class to boost our energy and positive vibrations.

Where and when?

Our next schedule is on June 24 to 26, 2016.

The workshop is held at the Holistic Center in Silang, Cavite. Our package is inclusive of transportation to and from the workshop venue. Pick up and drop off is in Manila, and the mode of transportation is a van. Accommodations and meals during the whole workshop is also included.

If you register before 20 June, you can still avail of our discounted price of P8800/person. Our regular rate is P12000/person.

Learn the Magic Behind "The Secret": Join The Holistic Retreats Law of Attraction

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