Learn The Art of Healthy Eating at Craft Salad

When In Manila, and you’ve had enough of all the greasy, salty, and sinful food that’s making you unhealthy, then it’s about time you make a serious lifestyle change. Starting the healthy route is easy, but maintaining it is harder. There are just so many temptations in Manila–junk food, fast food, street food, buffets, and such that it’s getting harder to maintain your healthy diet. Good thing Craft Salad exists! 


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Craft Salad was born out of a dream: to promote the inner and outer well being by providing an avenue to support healthy eating. Their dream is for people to embrace a clean food (eating) culture. And the best part about it is that we don’t have to eat less, it just means we have to eat right.


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Part of having a healthy diet is not just by eating healthy, it also demands certain ingredients that go well with what your body needs for that day. Do you need more energy? Do you need a bit of cleansing? Do you need brain food? All of those concerns correspond to certain ingredients and thankfully, Craft Salad ensures that they only  feed you the good stuff: fresh, all-natural, nutritious, unprocessed food that aims to nourish, strengthen and heal.


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I’ve had my fair share of salads (because I’ve always loved eating vegetables) so please believe me when I say that their ingredients are fresh. The leaves have a nice crunch to it, the meats, mostly salmon and chicken, are clean-tasting, and the sauces are tasty good. Everything was phenomenal! Here are my favorite salads: 


 craft salad at BGC- wheninmanila (4)


TOKY-OOOOOOOO, an explosion of asian flavor and salmon!


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Tex Mex Salad , a salad where bacon cider vinegar dressing, beef pastrami, and avocado are ste stars in your mouth.



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