Learn new things while having fun during the extended lockdown!

Bored and still trying to find some worthy stuff to do during this lockdown?

Why not listen to Stanley Chi’s podcast entitled, “Underpaid: With Stanley Chi”, and learn new things while having fun! Streaming under Podcast Network Asia and you can also look-up to their previous episodes on Spotify.

The Underpaid Podcast is hosted by Stanley Chi together with his co-hosts, ‘surprisingly’, from the corporate world! If you have some questions regarding salaries, leaves, or anything HR-related, you can shoot them up to ‘Madam HR’ Faye Saguid. Do you still remember Stanley’s book, Office Petiks? His boss on that book is also here, “Boss GA Rapal” Makoy Pare is also working in the corporate setting in the middle management position.

So if you want to know some perks and advice, he can provide what you crave for. Stan also recruited the help of our resident comic and college professor, ‘Papi Lex.’ It is not a piece of common knowledge that he is also a great musician aside from being the nice guy of the Underpaid show.

Need not to mention our main man, Stanley Chi.

A host, comedian, author of 12 humor books, what else? This guy can do everything and can reinvent himself in any form of media depending on the situation he’s in. A natural talent in conveying serious topics in a light, humorous, yet informative manner, he’s also a Probe Media Foundation fellow who created several engaging contents for different advocacy groups.

When asked why he started a podcast about the corporate setting he answered us in his usual ‘Suplado’ yet friendly tone.

“Some shows seriously tackle these [corporate] issues. I wanted to create content where everyone will learn yet enjoys what they listen to or watch too. I don’t want to convey information in a hard sell manner, which looks too boring and straightforward. During these hard times, COVID-19, unemployment, and some people are not earning; depending on their survival on relief. Everyone deserves a breather, so I made this for the common folks to relax and laugh a bit while learning something.”

He also hosts a regular FB Live session called ‘Social Distancing: With Stanley Chi.’ on this show, he tackles several key issues like smoking/vaping, COVID-19, some nostalgic stuff like 80’s anime and so many more. So if you want to catch him up, all you need to do is subscribe! 

Check out The Underpaid Podcast on Spotify!

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