Learn How to Eat Sushi Like an Expert from a Sushi Master

Learn How to Eat Sushi Like an Expert from a Sushi Master



I admit it. I have been eating sushi wrong.

After seeing the video of sushi master Naomichi Yasuda of Tokyo’s Sushi Bar Yasuda while teaching a non-pro sushi diner, I realized that I have eating it wrong the whole time.

How to eat sushi (1)Sushi master Yasuda-san teaches how to eat sushi right.

In the video, Yasuda-san emphasizes several rules of thumb to keep in mind when eating sushi:

1.  Use fingers to eat sushi rolls.

How to eat sushi (2) 

2. Never combine sushi and ginger, and ginger never touches the soy sauce.

How to eat sushi (3) 

Yasuda-san said that ginger should be eaten on its own. Some people tend to put the ginger on the sushi to eat them together but he said that this is “bad manner.”

The ginger serves as a palate cleanser for every serving of sushi that you munch on. 

3. Sushi that doesn’t have soy sauce is turned on one side and the fish side is the one dipped on soy sauce. It is a no no to shake soy sauce off the sushi.

How to eat sushi (4) 

Yasuda-san even jokes that shaking is just done by men when they finish off in the men’s room.

4. Sushi with soy sauce should be eaten immediately. The change in temperature can affect the taste of the sushi.

How to eat sushi (5) 

Sushi eaten on the counter and on the table taste so much different from each other because of the change in temperature. 

Watch the full video below and learn how to eat sushi like an expert!

The first time I have seen Yasuda-san was when he served sushi to Anthony Bourdain in one of his Parts Unknown segments. Watch Yasuda-san serve Bourdain with sushi below.

Have you also been eating sushi the wrong way?

Do you have other tips to best enjoy eating sushi?

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Learn How to Eat Sushi Like an Expert from a Sushi Master