Learn Effective Business Management at Limitless: The 6th Step Up International Business Management Conference


Running a business, whether big or small, requires effective management. Strategies must be on point, well thought of according to specific goals set.

Strategic management is a core of a business. It drives the growth of a company through effective day-to-day practices.

In the 6th Step Up International Business Management Conference this September 23, 2017, entrepreneurs Francis Kong, who is also a motivational speaker and Gian Carlo Eleria, a banker, will share their knowledge on effective strategic management.

The conference is for the students and members of the academe who wish to gain more beyond-the-classroom learnings straight from those doing great in business.

Successful businessman and titled the Rubberman of the Philippines Mark David Cerezo will speak about attaining success thru passion in business, while a distinguished professor at the University of Wollongong, Australia, Dr. Ananda Wickramasinghe, will talk about the battleground of international business.

Step Up International Operations Director Cuki Pendor says that the conference is a supplement to the class curriculum with best practices in the industry. “This would be a good preparation especially for the future business managers entering the arena a few years from now,” Pendor added.

The 6th Step Up International Business Management Conference will be held at Alonte Sports Arena in Biñan, Laguna.

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