Learn 10 Filipino Phrases Every Foreigner Should Know with The Superdudes

Filipino isn’t easy. Take it from me. When I first moved here, I struggled so hard trying to understand and use the Filipino language, it took me quite a long while to even learn anything remotely important in the language. In fact, to this day, my friends still laugh at me when I ask what certain words mean or when I mispronounce certain words every now and then.

So, when we got the chance to bring The Superdudes around Manila during their recent visit to launch their first series of live stage shows to the world, we made sure that they learned a few Filipino phrases to help them get around. Watch the video here:

Learn 10 Filipino Phrases Every Foreigner Should Know with The Superdudes


Here are the 10 Filipino phrases as seen in the video:

10. “Saan may CR dito?” [Where can I find a bathroom around here?]

9. “Ang ganda mo naman!” [You’re so pretty!]

8. “Ang init, no?” [It’s so hot.]

7. “Magkano to?” [How much is this?]

6. “Ang mahal naman!” [That’s so expensive!]

5. “Wala na bang tawad yun?” [Can you lower the price a little?]

4. “Masarap to ah! Ano to?” [This tastes good. What is it?]

3. “Wala na akong pera. Libre mo?” [I’m broke. Will you pay for me?]

2. “Kuya, siya yung magbabayad.” [He’s footing the bill.]

1. “Gutom na ako. Kain na tayo!” [I’m hungry. Let’s eat!]

Did we miss out on any Filipino phrases that people should know when they visit the Philippines?