Lazy Bird MNL: Massive Wings to Satisfy Your Cravings

Ever had one of those moments when you’re just enjoying a good lazy day? Combine that with an intense craving of good comfort food, and you’ll probably end up with deliveries from your favorite fast-food chains. Well, for the women behind Lazy Bird MNL, a lazy day and food cravings resulted in their own business venture!

lazy bird mnl 01475

Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Lazy Bird MNL was established just last June by two sisters: Regene and Roxanne Quilala. Regene shares with that the two share an immense love for buffalo wings. They would go to restaurants or have them delivered to have the best buffalo wing experience.

Unfortunately, because businesses temporarily stopped the midst of the community quarantine, they had to think of other ways to satisfy their cravings. That’s why they decided to finally create their own.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

The name “Lazy Bird” is an homage to one of the challenges they overcame as they created their brand: laziness.

Relatable, amirite?

Lazy Bird MNL is based in Caloocan City. Their wings menu includes three flavors: Wild Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, and Korean BBQ. All these are made from their own homemade sauces!

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

The Quilala sisters first let their friends taste their buffalo wings recipe and honed it to become the best recipe they could offer.

Their wings taste amazing, and what makes them even better is that the wings are massive. To tell you honestly, they’ve got bigger wings than some restaurants.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

For only PHP 200 for a box of six huge pieces, your cravings for good comfort food will be satisfied. They even have a package of three pieces with rice for only PHP 135. That’s an instant tasty, affordable, and scrumptious meal!

Craving for some classic wings? You can’t go wrong with delicious and huge wings from Lazy Bird MNL!

Lazy Bird MNL