Lazer Maxx in Greenhills is Your Barkada’s Next Favorite Hangout Spot

Words by: Michaela Acero / Photos by: Neil John Vildad

I grew up playing laser tag, particularly in Lazer Maxx Greenhills. I really don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that it was everyone’s default children’s party idea back in grade school. Heck, I even went there pre-prom in my junior year of high school!

For all of you who have never tried laser tag, y’all are missing out! It’s legitimately one of the coolest things ever. You not only get to run around IN THE DARK (which is already thrilling enough on its own); you also get to SHOOT LASER BEAMS out of a glowing gun! It feels like being Buzz Lightyear on a mission from Space Command. (I’m a child, I know… but it’s true!)

Trust me: if you and your barkada are ever in the mood to do something fun, Lazer Maxx Greenhills is definitely the place to head to. Often mistaken for a kiddie place, Lazer Maxx is actually fun for all ages. It’s basically like a video game in real life!

Before anything else, you and your friends will be briefed before heading into the equipment room to get geared up. In each game, players wear glowing, color-coordinated vests (provided by Lazer Maxx, of course) corresponding to your teams. Have I mentioned that you also get a laser gun attached to your vest? How exciting is that?!

Having recently been renovated, Lazer Maxx Greenhills is better than ever. Now with ‘The Incredibles’ theme song as its background music (HOW COOL, RIGHT?!), you can fight the “bad guys” while feeling like a super epic superhero. The battlegrounds are also different now, giving both old and new players a unique experience.

Whether you have a small or large barkada, Lazer Maxx will be a ton of fun for you. They have packages that include private games, but you can also play with strangers (so you don’t have to shoot your friends…). Just walk in and join the games that they have every 15 minutes!

Are you ready for a thrilling, adrenaline-kicking, and (literally) lit time? Head to the Lazer Maxx branch nearest you and get your game on!

Lazer Maxx

Greenhills Shopping Center / Eton Centris Quezon City / San Fernando, Pampanga

Monday-Thursday: Php190/head/game (except holidays)

Friday-Sunday: Php220/head/game (including holidays)


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