Late Due to Train Delay? They Will Now Issue You an ‘Excuse Slip’


If you get late due to a train delay on the LRT, the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) will now issue you with an ‘excuse slip’.

According to the president of LRT’s Corporate Communications Rochelle Gamboa via ABS-CBN News, the slip will include the reason for the delay. Moreover, LRT officials will sign it.

However, the release of the slip will be given two to three days after a complaining passenger asks for it. To do so, you have to call 8888 or tweet @officialLRT1. Indicate the date, time, and stations of departure and arrival for the train delay.

This practice is not entirely new because, in Japan, they have already been doing this. Train officials even apologize for train delays. However, trains in Japan are known to be on the dot and delays are rare unlike in our country.

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