Laser-Treat Yourself at Skin House Beauty and Laser

Words by Trisha So
Photos by Arah Reguyal

Undoubtedly, laser treatments are something many have been interested in at one point or another. These same people have consulted friends non-stop, searched online tirelessly, and contemplated day and night on whether to go for such a treatment or not. Some may have actually carried on with the extra effort after a while, but for those who still need a little convincing after reading up on all the benefits of undergoing laser treatments (getting rid of stubborn blemishes, tightening the skin’s texture, and bringing back youthful rejuvenation), this one is for you.

We have chosen our favorite laser treatments from Skin House Beauty and Laser complete with everything you need to know. What are you waiting for? Read on, and you will understand why we are absolutely crazy for them!

Skinhouse by Arah Josmin Reguyal 12The lovely interiors at Skin House Beauty and Laser had us beyond excited for our treatments!

3. Diode Laser Hair Removal

The Diode Laser Hair removal is an easy, painless, and effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. Instead of potentially damaging one’s skin with waxing (which can pull off the outermost layer of your skin), shaving (which causes darkening of the skin and ingrown hair), and plucking (which allows for you to acquire chicken skin), this treatment is comfortable and works on the upper lip, cheek, chin, neck, underarm, arm, leg, chest, abdomen, and pubic areas. You also get a smooth finish after only about 6-8 laser treatment sessions. This is done with advanced diode technology which targets hair follicles in the skin, making it very hard for hair to grow back.

Skinhouse by Arah Josmin Reguyal 23This sign gave us a very important reminder when we needed it the most.

2. Keloid Injection

Scars, on the other hand, may cause insecurities and some difficulty in finding the perfect outfit to wear. Luckily, with Skin House Beauty and Laser’s Keloid Injection, this blemish can easily be removed, allowing for just anyone to regain their self-confidence and to rock any article of clothing available. Though this may not classify as a laser treatment, it is still one of our favorites as we do know that no one is immune from receiving scars. This treatment is safe and not very painful, and it is repeated once per month until the maximum benefit is attained. With this treatment, it is easy for you to get back your flawless and well-loved skin.

Skinhouse by Arah Josmin Reguyal 41We say goodbye to the place that kept us housed for a short, albeit beautiful, time.

1. Aqua Radiance Hydra Facial

Last but not the least, we loved their Aqua Radiance Hydra Facial. This treatment helps with blood circulation, sloughs off dead skin, and allows for pores to breathe and restore lost luster. How is this done, you ask? It starts with cool and soothing supersonic jet sprays with water which penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and results to a clean feeling and youthful appearance. Therapeutic vitamins are then infused into the skin after a few rounds which are extremely beneficial to bringing back an attractive appearance.

Skin House Beauty and Laser offers many compelling treatments to which nothing could compare. To step into the clinic with no worries at all would be a dream come true. If this is not a possibility, however, the clinic could do the talking for itself and prove it to anyone with their countless other treatments which may have not been mentioned here.

When you do decide to give the clinic a go, be sure to tell us about your experience!

Skin House Beauty and Laser

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