Lasap Manila: Gourmet sausages that’ll have you feeling fancy and fulfilled

There is nothing more comforting than a warm, hearty meal. Something that can go with everything–rice, soup, or even bread. Something versatile, something delicious, and something that you can customize to your heart’s delight. I can only think of one thing that fits the bill perfectly: Sausages.

Sausages have been a staple food for years–meat in casing that can be roasted, fried, cured, everything. It can be spiced a certain way, it can be filled with cheese (c’mon, you can’t say that about every food), and it can do so many things. It’s a jack-of-all-trades in the food world and it rightfully deserves its spot as one of the ultimate comfort foods.

Finding a delicious sausage, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe it’s not smoked enough, maybe not spicy enough. There’s always gotta be that balance where you know the person who made it made it with love. Luckily, we found Lasap Manila.


Look at those sausages.

With perfectly meaty sausages that are spiced to perfection, each snappy bite is a burst of flavor in the mouth. It’s rich and decadent without the umay factor. In fact, I had lost count of how many I’d shoveled into my mouth by the time I finished. Their Hungarian is nice and spicy, perfect with a hit of mustard. It reminds me of sitting in a fancy restaurant, having my own sausage sampler–all in the comfort of my own home. So if you miss that elevated, fancy feeling, this will definitely be the one for you.


The cheesiness of the Hungarian with cheese isn’t overpowering even if it’s a generous serving. In fact, it complements the meaty flavor so well, a harmony of savory and salty that go together like magic. Every bite was tasty and toothsome in the best of ways. This one was my personal favorite as I am a big cheese lover. I loved how the case just snapped apart without being chewy or too hard, it was just right. Casing really makes or breaks a sausage–if it’s too flimsy, it’s no good. This is just firm enough while holding all its delicious conents inside like a little nest of flavor.


The smoked sausages were a great way to break away from the other flavors, as they were a little sweeter–and even visually cuter! These bite-sized dogs were the perfect snack. I ate them alone, with bread, with some sauce, it was perfect. Finger food is so accessible and easy and Lasap definitely did it right with this one.


Lasap also serves their signature garlic sauce which is to die for. I put it on everything. And I mean everything. Every single sausage we had, it had garlic (if not sauerkraut or mustard). It was good with bread, too, and even with their laing, which they source from expert farmers in Bicol where it’s locally-made–they want to bring the taste of Bicol to you!

What’s great about Lasap is that they send the food frozen so you can cook it any time. No need to worry about immediate consumption. And it’s so easy to achieve that gourmet taste. There’s really nothing to it! No complicated methods or anything. Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll have yourself a delicious sausage meal in no time without shelling out hundreds of pesos like you would at a restaurant. You’re comfy, you’re at home, you’ve got your sausage. What more could you ask for?


Lasap will also soon be making dimsum and seafood lines soon, too! And if the quality of this sausage is any indication, we’re alread looking forward to the rest of their expansions. They work with top-of-the-line chefs to achieve their flavors, so it’s exciting to think that we’ll be getting tasty meals all at home.

What are you waiting for? Order those sausages (and the garlic sauce, please!) now!

Lasap Manila

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