Las Abuelas Bakeshop and Cafe: Baked Goodies for All Seasons Plus More

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this season than with delectable baked goodies? No, I don’t mean just the holiday fruitcake that you typically send out to people on your mail list and winds up back to your home in a different packaging because no one eats it anyway. I’m talking about big-league, cafe-grade cakes and desserts that melt in your mouth and deserve another helping—just like the experience we had at Las Abuelas Backeshop and Cafe, which is located at Pandayan, Meycauayan City in Bulacan.


“Las Abuelas” is Spanish for “grandparents” and is the huge influence behind the cafe’s name. Don’t be intimidated by its foreign sound, though; it just represents the Andaya familiy’s tradition of baking and cooking that goes down three generations. It offers jealously guarded recipes that are made even more special with the craftsmanship of an award-winning chef, Reinald Andaya.




The interior of the cafe is well-lit during the day, thanks to the French windows, and features rustic decors that lend a relaxed ambience. Check out the wall decal below that is a favorite spot among the cafe’s customers.



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This portion of the wall has been dedicated to the awards garnered by Chef Andaya throughout his career so far.

Most of the menu items are named after the owner’s family members. As to what makes their offerings extra special, it is the fact that they don’t skimp on flavor and quantity. In their official Facebook page, they use the hashtag “#morevalue” to suggest the cafe’s dedication to quality food at affordable prices.

The cafe uses locally-sourced ingredients, which just shows that they are eager to promote local brands. Take these drinks, for example:


The best-selling Davao Chip ice blended coffee (left, Php 80) has a strong coffee taste with just the right hint of chocolate flavor. Even the Vanilla Iced Tea (far right, priced at Php 55) is made with the local herb sambong. The cafe also sells its own version of matcha green tea with Oreo (center) at an affordable price of Php 85.

On to the cafe’s main attractions: baked desserts that are served fresh from the oveWe had the Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php 17), Banana-Walnut Bar (Php 16) and Cashew Fudge Brownie (Php 30). These pastries are soft but firm to the bite and have the unique blend of taste and texture.n.


We had the Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php 17), Banana-Walnut Bar (Php 16) and Cashew Fudge Brownie (Php 30). These pastries are soft but firm to the bite and have a unique blend of taste and texture.


We also dug into the Red Velvet Cupcake (Php 38) and found ourselves hungry for more. The presentation could use a bit of flair, but the taste is outstanding for its price.


We were even treated to a piece of heaven a.k.a. the Oreo Cheesecake (Php 100), which is easily a crowd favorite due its sweet yet satisfying flavor.


The Softest Ensaimada is also a hit among the customers and is also shipped to Las Pinas on a regular basis. Sadly, the delivery option is currently limited to Marilao and Meycauayan areas (via third-party service); so if you can’t get enough of their baked goodies, you should buy in bulk at the cafe to last you up until your next craving. Chef Andaya eyes an expansion in the South soon, so watch out for it!

If you are trying to cut down on sugar, Las Abuelas offers another option through several pasta dishes. They have Edeluisa’s Adobo, Carmen’s Bolognese and Las Abuelas’ Carbonara which are all available at an ala carte price of Php 80.


We had Tess’s Prawn and Mushroom (Php 90), which has al dente pasta topped with a medley of shrimps, mushroom and special sauce, and served with slices of bread.


As if we didn’t have enough, we were also served with Sisig Pizza (Php 110), a new take on the flat dough using the “pulutan” favorite sisig as toppings. The dough, by the way, is made from scratch.

Aside from the custom cakes for events, Las Abuelas’ baked goodies also make for good “pasalubong”, gifts or party giveaways. They are boxed fresh from the oven and ready to give away.


Here we have a Box of 6’s Brownies (Php 180) and an assorted box consisting of Brownies, Ensaimadas and Banana-Walnut Bars (Php 328).

Should you find yourself en route to the North, Las Abuelas is worth paying a visit for some sweet-tooth grub and delicious dishes. Just be sure to leave some space in your stomach for a treat that will make you ask for more. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be the Christmas season for you to try this out.

Las Abuelas Bakeshop and Cafe

1-D corner Albatross & Kingfisher, St. Francis Subdivision, Meycauayan, Bulacan

Monday to Friday 1PM-10PM / Saturday-Sunday 10AM-11PM

044-244-3991 /0917-674-7311