LaNiña Provides Trendy, Well-Fitting Pieces for Every Filipina

If you’re looking for trendy, well-crafted, and well-fitting pieces that won’t burn a hole in your pockets; check out LaNiña clothing.

Lea Bonifacio shares that LaNiña started when she was having trouble looking for good leggings that were affordable, fit well, and were made with quality fabric. So, when she received her backpay, she started planning to create a homegrown clothing brand that would help Filipinas like herself to shop for great fashion pieces, starting with an activewear and a swimwear line.

Photo from LaNiña

LaNiña embodies the courage of a woman to wear whatever she wants without the fear of what people will say. They also know that people need to not let negative emotions overpower them during these trying times. If you need to workout to ease their worries, LaNiña is here to help you get the best deals. “We want to help even in the smallest ways, so we offer the best quality at a lower price,” Lea shares.

Photo from LaNiña

“We always strive to understand what women want and we listen to what our customers desire,” Lea says. “It is often that customers would look for designs or certain items that we don’t sell and when they do, those go directly to the to-be-included list for our next collection.”

Photo from LaNiña

Every design that LaNiña offers is carefully selected. They spend a lot of time focusing on the fabric, the quality of the stitches, and the fit. LaNiña doesn’t just provide quality and affordability; they also provide confidence and empowerment.

Photo from LaNiña

Quality items aren’t the only things they’re good at, either. They also pride themselves on their quality customer service, such as 1-day delivery for Metro Manila and friendly brand representatives that will answer your inquiries via chat or emails. They also constantly add more variations to their catalogue, so make sure to stay tuned to their social media accounts to always get first dibs!



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