Landmark Guards Feed and Watch Over Stray Cats: Local Heroes

 Landmark Guards Feed and Watch Over Stray Cats: Local Heroes


Other than all the crazy news and pointless (but funny) memes out there in the world, we think it’s also absolutely necessary to pay tribute to the little things. 

We just wanted to say cheers to this nice security guard who was spotted feeding and watching over stray cats. 


Landmark guard watching over cat and feeding them

Photo by Sui Generis


The person who posted this photo had this to add in the captions:

Here at Landmark and saw this guard feeding the cats while watching over them.

We were inside a moving vehicle when my partner pointed out to me the guard and the cats.

Yes, it’s Landmark Makati facing the side of Fairmont Hotel.


So then another person posted this photo:

The wonderful and kind hearted guards of Landmark. Sir Martil and Sir Verzo.


Landmark guard watching over cat and feeding them wheninmanila

Photo by Ternel Telesforo


Other comments about these kind acts: 

We know that cat, my wife and I pass by there all the time to say hi. The cat stays in the guardhouse and all the guards there know him and take turns feeding him, he keeps them company in return  the guard house is located in landmark makati the side facing pasay road – Ian Jacolbe Delfin

Commend them  Telling them how good they are for being kind to animals makes them feel good about themselves. I always make it a point to show my appreciation to a tanod in our neighborhood who takes care of strays in our street. One day he told me that the appreciation inspired him to love those cats even more  –  Shakira Villa-Symes 

Great to know there are others who also take good care of cats. This reminds of the curtain shop in Baclaran. When I was inside their shop, I noticed a lot of cats. I asked one of the attendant “Ate, marami siguro kayong daga dito no, ang dami n’yong pusa eh” she replied “Mga alaga po namin talaga yan dito at may budget kami sa pagkain para sa kanila”. Then came out another attendant carrying the cat’s food (Adobong atay at balun-balunan) which they bought from a nearby carinderia. I felt a little embarrassed about my comment. And to save face, I just told ate, may pusa din po kasi ako at natutuwa po ako kasi mabait kayo sa pusa. – Mark Mendoza


If you have any more stories of local heroes, no matter how small or insignificant you might think the act is, send it over to so we can give credit where credit is due! 

Be kind to animals! 

Cheers to Landmark and their nice security staff! 


 Landmark Guards Feed and Watch Over Stray Cats: Local Heroes