Lako’s Ulam-pia is Lumpia Filled with Your Favorite Ulam

Everybody loves lumpia. Be it for big celebrations or even just as a snack or as ulam at home, people of every gender and age rejoice when there’s lumpia on the table (or is that just me and my circle? :p) If you love lumpia as much as we do, then we’ve got the awesome-st news for you! Lako has created what they call ‘ulam-pia’ (lumpia with ulam inside!!!) and we are AMAZED and SOOOOO EXCITED.

Lako Ulam Pia 2

Photo from Lako

Noel Gumapac established Lako during the pandemic along with his childhood friends in Tondo, Manila. All of them had different backgrounds – a wedding planner, a casino dealer, and a car dealer – but they came together during the pandemic to promote local products that are available in the local market.

The name ‘Lako’ comes from the Filipino word for ‘walking’, which they feel is relevant since dining in wasn’t an available option at the time. To this day, they ensure that all of their products concentrate on and support local products. “We want the current generation to learn, love, and patronize local products,” Noel explains. “We feel this is the simplest way to help each other during this tough period.” They also make sure that all of their products can compete with international products, so they make it a point to create gourmet types of foods and beverages.

After successfully introducing their innovative creations, the Merienda Shakes (read more about them here), they thought of coming up with a good partner that could complete the variety. Enter the Ulam-pia.

Lako Ulam Pia 3

Since Filipinos are food lovers, in general, Lako came up with an innovative way to have some of our famous local dishes available any time of the day in the form of a snack that can perfectly satisfy our cravings. Check out their current options:

Lako Sisig Ulam Pia

Photo from Lako

Lako Adobo Ulam Pia

Photo from Lako

Lako Laing Ulam Pia

Photo from Lako

Lako Kaldereta Ulam Pia

Photo from Lako

Lako Kare Kare Ulam Pia

Photo from Lako

It took Lako weeks and countless sleepless nights to perfect the taste of each of their Ulam-pia. They also had several taste tests to ensure that every Ulam-pia will have the perfect taste of our favorite ulam.

All of the Ulam-pia is available at Php85 per order at the following branches: Gagalingin, Tondo, Manila; Libis Talisay, Caloocan; Arkipelago Foodpark, Bagtikas St. San Antonio, Makati; Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila; and LRT Monumento Station.

They are also available for delivery via Foodpanda and Beep It starting tomorrow, August 1, 2020. Which one of these do you want to try? (I want to try them all!!!)

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