Lady Satin Pillowcases: Luxurious Pillowcases You Ain’t Wanna Miss!

WHEN IN MANILA, I remember when I was a whole decade younger, my mom used to ask me to take a nap and I would squeal my way out of it. Yeahp, those were the days when I’d rather go out and play than enter the dream world. Now, with school, work, and social life all piling up on me, squeezing in a quick nap would be a dream.

I’ve always been fascinated with beautiful things. From shoes, bags, jewelries, you name it! That’s why when I found out about Lady Satin Pillowcases I figured, hmm…since I’m so fascinated in dressing myself up and occasionally styling models as well, why not dress my own bed?

Lady Satin Pillowcases is an online shop that sells—satin pillowcases! They’re smooth, silky, and most importantly, they promise health and skin benefits as well. Ain’t that cool or what? Here are some of my favorite Lady Satin Pillowcases designs that made it to my boudoir.



Like Elle Woods, I was born a pink girl. So naturally, my bed would have a dash of pink. This blush pink Lady Satin Pillowcase is perfect for all the girly girls out there.



Glamazons, rejoice! This satin pillowcase is so edgy I’m sure anyone who would be using these is in for a wild night!



I love the tropical feel I get from these satin pillowcases from Lady Satin Pillowcases! It’s perfect for unleashing the summer girl in you.



I love the richness of the hue of the purple! This pillowcase from Lady Satin Pillowcase spells regal like no other.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Lady Satin Pillowcases for luxurious pillowcases you ain’t wanna miss WHEN IN MANILA.

Lady Satin Pillowcases


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Lady Satin Pillowcases: Luxurious Pillowcases You Ain’t Wanna Miss!


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