Ladies! This Store is a One-Quick-Stop for a Fashion Emergency!

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

Photos by Caitlin Rodil

As a girl, there will always be unexpected fashion situations that’ll leave us panicking for hours. Once that panic mode is on, you might even end up confused about what to do. But, what if I told you there’s a savior to all those problems?

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Wood and Willow is an easy find along Kamias Road. It’s carefully located for any dire situation (maybe you need to lend a friend a pair of shoes?) or any situation, really. Maybe even for treating yo’self.

Out for a swim? Let me guess, you accidentally forgot your swimsuit! It happens to the best of us.

Don’t fret as they have loads of swimsuits from one piece to bikinis in various designs. One or two racks are dedicated for you to satisfy your swimwear needs. It caters to different sizes so you’ll never run out of choices.

When a girl is on her period, food is essential. But, if she wants chicken skin chicharon or imported chips from Singapore, the only store you can find both in one roof is at Wood and Willow. Their shelves are lined with all sorts of food—banana cake, chicharon, imported chips, and even strawberry jam.

Just a tip: Their cheese bars are to die for!

Remember how your mom is more concerned with getting the tupperware back in her arms more than you? Fortunately for you, you’ll never want to leave one anywhere else. Wood and Willow has partnered with an eco-friendly brand designed to keep your lunch and the environment safe. It comes in adorable colors, which you and your mom could bond over. They also have the rainbow metal straws and a foldable cup.

In a situation where a girl’s night out is suddenly planned out of nowhere, choosing clothes in your own closet is almost nightmarish. Luckily, Wood and Willow have an aisle of full of clothes ranging from denim jeans to grunge-styled dresses. They also have shoes of different designs—especially if you’re in a sandal kinda mood.

But, let’s not forget skincare before leaving the house. Now, this certain store doesn’t house MAC or Maybelline but it partnered with local cosmetics whose products are home-based. I can confirm that their products are safe to use as I am an avid fan of their lip tint. Wood and Willow made sure that their partnered brands are skin safe. On the bright side, they have Lucas Papaw!

Remember that there’s more to the outfit than just clothes and make-up. Accessories are a must and you can never go wrong with a simple necklace or bracelet. Wood and Willow houses stainless steel jewelry and their designs are stunning. There are endless choices so you have to come to see for yourself! Side note: They also have bags. Handbag, backpack—you name it!

Wood and Willow is a store full of the unexpected. I mean, where else would you find reptile supplements? Shout out to those lizard and snake owners! Here’s how to keep your cute, scaly friend healthy.

They’re ready for the Christmas cheer as they also sell adorable mini-Christmas tree décor made out of newspapers. Recycling at its finest!

Let’s not forget Bleeves. I reserved a special shout-out for this because every girl should have this. One Bleeve will make you feel like you’re either Cruella De Vil or Dumbledore.

And, to save the best for last, Wood and Willow sell artworks that are currently displayed along their rustic walls. To collectors out there, their framed artwork are not paintings. They’re actually mined gems placed carefully on the canvas to create an image. Price ranges from 40-100k but, wow, if you see these beauties up close, you’ll be awed at the gorgeous sight!

Don’t miss out on all this fun stuff! Ken and Dani, owners of Wood and Willow, warmly invite you to their store. When they’re around, don’t hesitate to chat them up. They’ll become your friends in a snap!


150 Kamias Rd, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

0917 658 0708

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