La Vie Institute: Personalized Team-Building Made Easy For You!

La Vie Institute, the workshop hub in the South, dedicates itself to providing the most fun, most essential, and most life-improving programs and workshops for those looking to improve and better themselves.

La Vie Institute team-building

La vie is French for “the life”, which means that La Vie Institute literally translates to the Life Institute, a fitting name for the range of workshops and seminars they offer, for TOTAL Personality Development!

La Vie Institute team building

While their Total Personality Development program comes in packages for all ages, the most striking is the Professional Development Program aimed at professionals looking to further advance their career, or for those reinventing their career path. What is AMAZING about this program is that it refines not just the work-related skills of an established person in his career, but their overall outlook in life, as well as mental and spiritual preparedness to face the challenges of career advancement!

The result? A strong, powerful professional, poised from head to toe, striking from the inside and out, ready to take on the world.


The kind of fulfillment one can get from their touted Professional Development Program is the same satisfaction and results a company can receive from team-building programs offered by La Vie Institute. The best part is, team-building programs at La Vie are tailor-fit and essential for your team’s specific needs! From renewing team morale, to boosting work ethic and creating a more positive energy around the workplace, and much, much, more — La Vie Institute has all of those in store, with their comprehensive and holistic programs.

Here are just some of the advantages in availing a team-building program for your company at La Vie Institute:

3. Team-building program is customized to fit your company’s needs and values


While all companies aspire for a certain level of success, just like individuals, companies own different sets of goals, objectives, and values that they uphold. La Vie Institute prides itself in creating personalized team building programs that suits YOUR particular company like a glove, rather than a one-size-fits-all program offered to any company wishing to improve themselves. If there is one thing that is certain, no team-building programs are alike at La Vie. Just as your company has its own strength, it also has its distinct work-ons that can be addressed at La Vie Institute, so there is no worry about going through courses that you feel is unnecessary for your team.


2. Guaranteed fun and productive programs that help expand your team’s creativity

Ask any student at La Vie Institute about their programs and they will answer back with one guarantee: they’re fun!

La Vie Institute prides itself in out-of-the-box programs that are essential to one’s improvement and development, especially as a career professional. Their workshop modules bring their students out of their shell, improve their self-confidence, and help them think creatively.

La Vie power dressing

Learning about personal branding, the power of projection and business wardrobe

One of the best ways adults learn is through fun, and it’s fun that stimulates and compels students to explore their creativity. If you feel that your company team needs to reenergize creative juices, this is one of the best ways to get those flowing.

La Vie Institute performing arts team-building

Performing Arts is for everyone, even professionals!

One of these creative classes is their Confidence Through The Performing Arts module. Who says you need to be an aspiring artista to enroll in a Performing Arts class? Even for the person who has not performed at all throughout his/her life, the Confidence Through The Performing Arts workshop pushes the students out of their comfort zone, teaches them to project themselves, and compels them to think on their feet and creatively! The best of all? They have fun while doing it!

La Vie Institute offers a whole range of other modules intended to develop the needed skills in the workplace, done in the most creative ways possible.


1. Holistic workshops that improve not just work-related skills and attitude, but life skills and a positive outlook as well!

While technical skills are important in the workplace, La Vie Institute improves this, and takes it a step further: it aims for holistic professional development! A lot of times, the intensities of work can bog us down and leave us disheartened, so La Vie also offers workshop modules that strengthen the mind and spirit, especially for tougher times.

La Vie Institute team building stress management

Grounding workshop at a Stress Management class!

La Vie Institute offers workshop modules such as Discovering Your Purpose, Dynamics of Leadership, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, and Dynamics of Leadership that strengthens a professional’s work ethic, helps them renew their sense of purpose at work, and forge healthier work relationships.

La Vie Institute stress management team building

Life coach and teacher Migs Ramirez imparting essentials at a Stress Management workshop

ALL of La Vie Institute’s programs are facilitated by mentors who are luminaries in their different fields, with vast work experiences and prominent affiliations. But more importantly, these mentors are able to impart important skills through the conducive environment at La Vie.


All smiles after a Dynamics of Leadership workshop!

For happier, more fulfilled, mentally and spiritually stronger employees that make valuable contributions at work, team building at La Vie Institute is a great way to start.

La Vie Institute

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