La Thalia Beach Resort: De-Stress at this Hidden Getaway in Batangas

Admit it: city life can be pretty stressful, especially if your job entails you to work long hours and sacrifice your social life more often than not. A lot of the time, we have trouble finding time to rest, let alone travel. And when we finally get the chance to, we usually don’t have enough off days to spare to leave the country or go anywhere too far away.

If you need a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, head over to La Thalia Beach Resort in Batangas. Since I live in Paranaque, it proved to be the perfect choice for me. After all, Bauan is a mere 2 hours away from where I live – and that’s where La Thalia is located. Being located pretty far from civilisation, it proved to be the ideal getaway for a few days.

La Thalia 6

Please take note that La Thalia can be quite hard to get to if you’re commuting, so make sure you bring your own transportation going there or inquire beforehand on whether you can arrange for transportation on the way up to the resort. Once you finally make it there, though, you will find yourself taking in an ambiance of legit peace and quiet – the kind you will never be able to find in the city.

La Thalia 5

We found some breathtaking views while we were there, too!

La Thalia 10

This little nook was my personal favorite.

La Thalia 7

We were told that most of the people who head over to La Thalia go there for family reunions or for team-building activities. This doesn’t really come as a surprise since they are well-prepared to accommodate big groups of people. La Thalia has a total of 22 air-conditioned rooms for couples, families, and for company outings and seminars. They can also accommodate 80-100 person at the conference room, fully air-conditioned and with audio visual facilities. Even though we only headed there as a humble group of 3, though, we definitely got what we came for: fun, food, and free time.

La Thalia 3

La Thalia provides a variety of accommodation options for every possible taste and budget – from the single detached rooms that‘s perfect for couples to the rooms that can accommodate more people. We stayed in a room made for 7 and it could definitely house 7 people comfortably. It came with a hot shower and air-conditioning… but do take note that they do not have any Wi-Fi in the rooms. This isn’t a problem, though – especially if you came to La Thalia to relax! No internet equals no distractions… and more time for real bonding!

If you’d like to take a break from relaxing, La Thalia also offers various water sports, including snorkelling, banana boats, kayaks, and jet skis for you to enjoy. Life vests and other water gear can be rented at the resort. They also have a kiddie pool in case you’re bringing children with you and a regular-sized pool, which is open until midnight.

La Thalia 9

La Thalia 2

La Thalia 4

Yes, they have a water slide, too!

One particular thing I feel the need to point out and commend, as well, is the food that was served at La Thalia. If you decide to stay there overnight (rates are Php2,200 per head for adults and Php1,100 per head for kids, by the way), this will also cover four meals – and trust me when I say you’ll get your money’s worth.

La Thalia 1

As mentioned earlier, there were only 3 of us, but we were full after every single meal because we were treated like royalty in the food department. Honestly, the amount of food was quite overwhelming, and we were never able to finish everything on the table. And everything tasted so good, too – so good, in fact, that after each meal, I found myself wondering what the next meal would be like.

La Thalia 8

If you aren’t able to get a lot of time off of work and need a place nearby where you can feel like you’re far away from the stress that comes with the city, visit La Thalia for a few days – you won’t regret it. Bring your family and friends, too! 😀

La Thalia Beach Resort

Sitio Bubuyan, Locloc, Bauan, Batangas

0927 876 2406 / 0919 818 3991