LA Splash Cosmetics: The Newest Long-lasting Matte Lippies to Hit the Philippines!

When in Manila, you’ve probably seen different local and global names competing with each other in the beauty industry. I’m a makeup newbie myself, and I enjoy testing out new products and chatting with my friends about them. One of my friends recently recommended a cosmetics brand to me. As a makeup newbie, I was unfamiliar with it, but I decided to give it a try.

LA Splash Cosmetics is new to the Philippines, but it was established in Los Angeles, California back in 2002. All products continue to be manufactured in the States.

One of my new favorite items to try are the matte lipsticksLA Splash Cosmetics has a new collection that I really liked. It’s called the Velvet Matte Collection. These are what they look like:


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If you’re interested in swatches of the lipstick, here’s my favorite YouTube that shows you not only how to apply them, but also how they look like on your lips once they are applied:

My friend Andi and I tried out the lipsticks, and these are my observations.

The packaging is so cute! The cap is pink and glossy, while the rest of the body is matte–very fitting for the package’s content!

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 4

You twist the cap off to reveal a the plastic wand, which you’d use to apply the liquid lipstick.

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 7

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 8

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 5

Compared to other lipsticks, I found that this was a bit harder to apply. It hardens very quickly once you apply it on your lips.

(I was chatting with my friends when I tried it the first time, so it hardened even before I could apply it evenly.) It’s also difficult to remove it, because it really clings to your lips!

But I’m not complaining, because when I tried it the second time, and was satisfied with the results. (This time, I focused on applying it evenly before chatting with my friend.)

I observed that this must be the most long-lasting lipsticks I have ever tried. The mugs I used that day did not have lipstick stains on them at all. As a habit, I always dab my lips on tissue paper before every meal. That habit was unnecessary when I used this lipstick. The lipstick continued to completely stick to my lips!

I had to find a tough makeup remover to wipe it off eventually. And I had to apply so much force when I was wiping it off.

If you’re looking for a matte lipstick that would last you all day (and probably even beyond that day!), this would be the one.

It also comes in different shades! Apart from the ones in the photo above, these are our other favorite looks:

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 2

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 1

LA Splash Cosmetics Lipstick 10

If you end up trying out LA Spash Cosmetic’s Velvet Matte Collection, here are some of my tips. You only have to apply it one time, and don’t have to bring it around with you throughout the day. It’s extremely long-lasting and will withstand your food and drinks for the day. However, if you plan on changing looks or for any reason might have to remove your lipstick within the day, remember to pack a very strong makeup remover. A damp tissue won’t do the trick. Even soaping it off took me a while. Finally, be ready with a lip balm at the end of the day.

The final verdict? I think it’s worth it–it made my lips feel parched after around eight hours (which is natural with most matte lipsticks), but the long-lasting nature of this lipstick is so far unparalleled. If you’re going to an event and don’t want to keep retouching or worrying about smudged lips, the LA Spash Cosmetic’s Velvet Matte Collection just might do the trick.

Photos by Zeus Martinez (@shootinanylight)

LA Splash Cosmetics

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For now, it is available exclusively at Beauty Bar’s online store, which you could access here. The online promotion would last for a month, starting on May 15 to June 15.