La Salle Dance Company- Street to Worlds: Hail! Hai! Hail!


When in Manila, as in literally Manila–Taft to be exact, is where a certain elite group of La Sallian dancers train, work hard and dance hard in preparation for this year’s World Hip Hop Dance Championship. Thus their fundraising concert entitled “Hail! Hail! Hail!” was celebrated to present their hard work to all their supporters. This is their first time to represent the country not just just as LSDC-Street but also as present and past students of DLSU. (yes, alumni LSDC-Street members are also part of the competition) They will be battling it out in the megacrew division in the hope of bagging the championship title.   


In LSDC-Street ‘s fundraising concert entitled “Hail! Hail! Hail!” they’ve (yet again) blown the audience away with their rock-themed opening dance number. Aligned with the energy and loud beats of Rock were the elements of Hip Hop dancing. 





Followed by this spine-tingling opening number was the first act entitled “SALUTE”. Salute in it’s simplest sense means a  gesture of respect and recognition. In this specific act by LSDC-Street, they paid homage to and saluted the old school dance genre and other foundations of Hip Hop dance





“EXALT”  was LSDC-Street’s showcase to new school or what we call new styles in Hip Hop dance. It definitely added a new flavor to its previous number and gave knowledge to its audience how Hip Hop dance has evolved through the years. Truly, it was exhibited that LSDC-Street is one of factories of making and remaking the  new breed of laudable dancers.




The third act, “ACCLAIM” showcased all their competition routines all the way from 2007. In these routines, we see how much of dance and how LSDC-Street’s choreography matured.  




Finally, the fourth act was the dance we all anticipated to see. The Megacrew Competition Piece, because I am speechless as to how to describe it, can be summed up into these adjectives: hyperbolic, powerful and unified. Their “worlds piece” (as dancers would refer to it) was indeed something worth of a title. The most important element I saw in it was how the dancers were in unison, as if looking at one person dance multiplied into several dancers. Unity in the passion they all committed to do is one of their many tools for the coming battle. LSDC-Street is indeed making a name for themselves internationally. 






LSDC-Street has been one of the University-based dance groups that I’ve been following ever since I was introduced to the world of dance. They have indeed built their name in the scene based on their love and passion for dance, which has been evident all throughout. Also, aside from the fact that they deliver mind-blowing routines every time I watch them, they also manage to present something fresh and unique: always veering away from the norm but also adhering to the  basic elements of Hip Hop dancing. Thus managing to achieve several trophies and recognitions in different dance competitions. With this said, it is evident that this team has no way but up. LSDC-Street is definitely ready to take it to the international level as they fight for the Championship title in this year’s World hip Hop Dance Championship.





When in Manila, lets all support LSDC-Street as they compete in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2012.









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 Credits to:  Mariane Detera & Ken Koo for the Photos (more HERE.) and Nina Barbero.






La Salle Dance Company- Street to Worlds : Hail! Hai! Hail!