La Salle Dance Company Street CHAMPIONS in Jakarta Indonesia

LSDC Street

Gigi Art of Dance E-Motions 2015: Heroes of the Year Dance Convention. This is the first international Dance Convention in Indonesia, which took place at Jakarta, Indonesia from 20th to 29th November 2015. The event is scheduled to have 10 different programs in dance education, which include the “Tell Your Tale” Mega Team Dance Competition with teams coming from all over the Asia Pacific region.

The Tell Your Tale “TYT” Mega Team Competition is a large-group competition with members from 15-40 people across all age and genre range. The groups will be judged on their skill, technique, and concept. The theme for this competition will be “Show Your Impact”, where teams are asked to show how much they can create a positive impact in their surroundings through what they love the most. The competition is set to attract groups from all over the Asia Pacific region and create a highly competitive and fierce battle in a strongly supportive and enhancing nature.

For our theme, we called it ANCHORED. Our dance revolved around being anchored to our Philippine roots and being able to highlight our country’s culture.

Our routine was a fusion of folk or traditional dance of the Philippines with hip-hop styles.

The La Salle Dance Company – Street, headed by Kevin Intal and Mycs Villoso, brought home the gold, while Indonesian teams HeavyBuckStylez and Last Minute Street Crew won 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The event wasn’t a competition for me. It was a reminder that dance unites everyone. It was one of those competitions that one inspires the others and encouragement was in abundance.

We are more than honored to participate in one of our Philippine representative, Legit Status, in which one of the leaders is from De La Salle University as well.” – Mycs Villoso, LSDC-Street Coach

“My Indonesia experience was literally a “dream come true.” Having spent only a month with LSDC-Street, I would have never expected myself to be part of the competition team for Indonesia. Although it wasn’t easy, catching up with the senior members’ in terms of endurance, strength, and skill, with hard work and help from the coaches, I was able to push myself beyond my limits. This experience didn’t only improve myself as a dancer but also as a person, because I have learned the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and trust, and that for me, is the biggest gain of my whole journey.” – Chyn Crisostomo, LSDC-Street Trainee


  1. Gela Maulawin
  2. Angelo Villegas
  3. Yang Sebastian
  4. Christel Chongson
  5. Samantha Libao
  6. Chyn Crisostomo
  7. Claudine Inocencio
  8. Eunice Aclan
  9. Gio Martinez
  10. Hannah Cortez
  11. Ella Canuel
  12. Jerri Fong
  13. Jared Enrile
  14. Jess Tumbaga
  15. Kay-kay Valderrama
  16. Lianna Martinez
  17. Lucas Aviola
  18. Martin Padilla
  19. Jolo Santos
  20. Paolo Deluria
  21. Zion Wuxinyi

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