Kylie Padilla Won’t Tie The Knot “To Please Other People”

Although Kylie Padilla is excited about being a new mom to son Alas Joaquin with actor Aljur Abrenica, the 24-year-old actress isn’t in a rush to get married.

Kylie Padilla Aljur Abrenica

According to a report on Inquirer, Kylie shared that being a child to divorced parents has taught her to be realistic about relationships and marriage.

The actress said:

“I came from a broken family, so I know the reality of marriage. It’s not just a piece of paper, a ring that you put on to say you are married. I don’t want to get divorced, that is why I am being careful. I know AJ [Aljur] and I have a lot of things to improve. I know who I am and I know we’re not ready yet.”

Padilla, whose parents divorced in 2007, stated that she hopes that when she is married, it will be forever.