Meet Kuya Ogie, Who Sells Book Stands to Raise Funds for PWDs

If you’re going to buy anything nowadays, we’d urge you to only buy things that you really need and, as much as possible, to buy local. Of course, there are major plus points if you get to buy something that helps a worthy cause at the same time.

If you happen to need a book stand, Katrina Ongoco knows where to get a quality one at an affordable price: Kuya Ogie. His sign reads: “Cheaper bookstands made by PWDs – selling for a cause to raise funds. We pray you pass your exams. Thank you for patronizing and supporting. God bless! – Handicapped friends”

According to Katrina, every purchase will help Kuya Ogie and his fellow PWDs. The best part is that the book stands are very affordable at Php240 for a small one and Php260 for a standard one.

You can see the full post by Katrina Ongoco here with samples pictures of the small book stand that she bought:


According to Katrina, Kuya Ogie will be at San Sebastian College today and in UST on August 15 (UST Medicine). You may also get in touch with him through the following number: 09395022659