Krispy Kreme Alabang Opens with First Baked Creations Theater

Krispy Kreme Alabang welcomes you!



Baked Creations at Krispy Kreme Alabang



When In Manila, a bite of donuts with matching coffee would complete one’s afternoon. Of all donut brands out there, Krispy Kreme would surely be on top of the mind. Who would not forget the sugar rush one could get with a bite? Most “southerners” or those who live south of Metro Manila is that there is no Krispy Kreme branch nearby, well, until recently. Yes, Krispy Kreme Alabang is now up, running and baking your favorite pastry at Alabang Town Center. Luckily, the When In Manila team was invited to check the place out with the chance to check out their “Baked Creations Theater“.





Baked Creations Theater in action at Krispy Kreme Alabang



Baked Creations Theater? Yes, you heard it right, a Baked Creations Theater. Do not expect actors in fancy garbs but Krispy Kreme Alabang crew in red making your favorite Baked Creations in front of you. Personally, I would love to see my food cooked in front of me and pastries are not less. This rather mini Baked Creations Theater is actually the first in the Philippines and is part of the year-long 75th Birthday celebration of Krispy Kreme.



The new Baked Creations at Krispy Kreme Alabang: Banana Walnut…



…Bacon and Cheese Pull-Apart



The day would not be complete until you have savored the Baked Creations especially made for you at the Baked Creations Theater. I love everything in the Baked Creations menu but I got curious with Banana Walnut so I ordered it along with my classic favorite – Bacon and Cheese. The Banana Walnut got me speechless for it was awesome! Walnuts’ crunch and flavor complimented well with the sweet taste of banana, perfect combination.





Bloggers customizing Donut Toppings at Krispy Kreme Alabang



Like donuts instead? No problem! The bloggers and press people were given a chance to customize their own donuts toppings with honey-glazed donuts! I dipped half of my donuts in chocolate, topped with oreo sprinkles and some choco crumbs for an extra sweet chocolate rush, this only at Krispy Kreme Alabang.




“You’ll love (their) coffee as much as (their) donuts…” at Krispy Kreme Alabang



Do not forget to gulp all those yummy treats down with their selections of coffee, may it be hot or frappe. As they say, you’ll love their coffee as much as their donuts. A personal recommendation though would be Kaffee Kreme and it suits well as a coffee frappe but Caramel Latte is good too if you wish it sweeter.





 Krispy Kreme Alabang’s Donut and Baked Creations selections, grab one!



Going south, do not forget to pass by Alabang Town Center to grab these extraordinary Donut and Baked Creations! See your favorite Donuts and Baked Creations made before your eyes while celebrating the 75th year of this worldwide donut sensation. Krispy Kreme Alabang is near Makati Supermarket facing Commerce Avenue.



 Happy 75th Birthday Krispy Kreme!


 When In Manila, drop by down south and experience the new Baked Creations Theater by Krispy Kreme Alabang.


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Alabang

Alabang Town Center, Commerce Ave.

Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa CIty 

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Krispy Kreme Alabang Opens with First Baked Creations Theater


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