12 Unique Kris Kringle Gift Ideas for People With Pets

Still scrambling to get Christmas parents to your friends, coworkers, and loved ones? We can definitely relate. Here’s a listicle of our gift recommendations from Shopee for all the pet lovers on your list!

12. Transparent Pet Carrier

transparent carrier

Always bringing your pet along when doing errands around the city? This transparent carrier can be used as a handbag or a shoulder bag, making it really easy to use. The transparency helps you see your pet at all times when in transit. BUY it here while it’s at 62% off!

11. Pet Handbag Carrier

soft handbag pet carrier

Want something a little softer and cozier? This handbag carrier is made with a comfier material that will keep your pets in place without hurting them for staying inside it for too long. It’s also easy to carry around! BUY it here while it’s at 32% off!

10. Grooming Brush For Bathing

grooming brush for pets

This nifty brush lets you pour your pet’s shampoo inside the hole which then immediately lathers up when brushing your pet’s fur during bathtime. It helps make bathing your furry friends much more hassle-free! BUY it here while it’s at 59% off!

9. Cute Cushion Bed

pet cushion

Why not pamper your pet with a new, cozy bed? These ones are super soft and the cushion can easily be removed if your pets are much larger in size. BUY it here while it’s at 10% off!

8. Plush Squeaky Toys

plush squeaky toy

What pet doesn’t love even more toys they can chew on? These squeaky toys are made with high-quality plush material and comfortable cotton fabric which will encourage your pets’ teeth and gums to develop much more healthily. They’re soft yet sturdy and will definitely last for a long time! Choose among the following available: donut, carrot, pumpkin, banana, watermelon, and chicken leg. BUY it here while it’s at 69% off!

7. Christmas Outfits

christmas outfit for pet

No outfit for your pets yet on your holiday party? These ones will transform your furbabies either into a Christmas tree or a reindeer. So cute! BUY it here while it’s at 40% off!

6. Animal Costumes

dinosaur costume pet

Want costumes for your furbabies beyond the holidays? There are tons available for you to choose from! Turn them into a cow or a rabbit or a dinosaur or whatever else — your pets will definitely grab the attention of everyone in these onesies! BUY it here while it’s at 50% off!

5. Portable Water Bottle

portable water bottle

If you and your pet often go out for walks, it’s an absolute must to bring around a portable water dispenser! Easily refill the bottle at home before heading out and, whenever your pet is thirsty, allow the water to flow into the nozzle with just one push of a button. BUY it here while it’s at 56% off!

4. Tilted Ceramic Pet Bowl

tilted ceramic pet bowl

This ceramic pet bowl stands out for its unique 15-degree tilted and elevated design which is meant to reduce your pet’s neck strain when eating or drinking. Thanks to its material, this bowl is durable, easy to wash and clean, portable, lightweight. BUY it here while it’s 50% off!

3. LED Pet Nail Trimmer

LED pet nail trimmer

These trimmers will help any pet owner easily and safely cut their pet’s nails, thanks to its built-in LED light that can clearly illuminate the bleeding line to prevent excessive trimming, which often results in bleeding nails. The cutting head is made of stainless steel and the half-moon design conveniently fits the shape of a cat’s fingernails. It even has a transparent baffle plate to prevent flying nails! This trimmer is operated by batteries and can be used for up to one year. BUY it here while it’s at 42% off!

2. Stainless Steel Twin Bowls For Cats

cat dual bowl

One thing you’ll notice first is just how ADORABLE the tray is in the shape of a cat’s face. The two bowls are guaranteed to be non-toxic stainless steel while the base is made with environmentally friendly PP plastic material. Plus, it’s super easy to clean after use! You can choose between pink, blue, and green for the color. BUY it here while it’s 49% off!

1. Nordic-Style Feeding Bowls

nordic style ceramic pet bowls

Of course, if you’ve got a certain aesthetic going on in your home’s interior, it follows that your pet’s belongings fit right in. These bowls are perfect for homes with a Nordic-style atmosphere as they’re minimalist and made with ceramic and bamboo material. Suitable for both cats and dogs! BUY it here while it’s at 65% off!

Find more kris kringle gift ideas for pet lovers on Shopee!

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