Kris Bernal Victimized by 20+ Fake Food Delivery Bookings in One Night

Kris Bernal has just become a victim of fake food deliveries and it’s not an issue that should be taken lightly — not when more than 20 riders appeared at her doorstep.

The actress shared a series of posts on her Instagram page documenting what has been happening to her the entire evening. According to her, all orders were placed under the name “Jen Jen Manalo” which she assumes is just a fake name.

“Sadly the [number] of deliveries are [no joke]. Even 2 vans arrived at our house,” she said in her post. She also expressed empathy for the drivers who “went all the way here to deliver several orders” and cleared them of any blame.

“I really feel bad for the riders’ efforts. This thing has been prevalent lately,” she added.

“I neither have enemies nor did I offend someone. I have no idea who did this and I can’t remember any incident that triggered this to happen. All I know is I didn’t do anything wrong to someone for me to deserve this kind of treatment,” she said in another post.

As of writing, Kris has clarified in her Instagram stories that she has already gotten in touch with the food delivery service. She also discovered that this isn’t the first time this bogus buyer has scammed a celebrity. Kris then warned her colleagues to not publicize their real addresses and numbers in order to stay protected from scams such as this.

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Have you had prior experience being a victim of fake delivery bookings? Share your stories below.

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