Is it True That Kris Aquino’s Much-Awaited TV Comeback is No Longer Happening?

After months of waiting since she teased her new television talk show, we have now received an update from Kris Aquino herself about whether Love Life with Kris on TV5 is going to push through or not.

Unfortunately, she confirmed that her show is indeed canceled, explaining that the “producer chose somebody else he and his sales team felt was more viable.”

“This is a life update post I wish I didn’t have to make, BUT it’s something I’m facing up to in order to truthfully move on,” she began on her lengthy emotional post on Instagram. “No sugarcoating from me, you’re getting the honest truth.”

She shared that it had been a “scary month” after finding out that four people who had been in close and frequent contact with her and her son Bimby had tested positive for the COVID-19. Thankfully, her and Bimby’s swab tests had come back negative and they had also undergone a strict self-isolation for two weeks. It was particularly frightening for her knowing that they are both “high risk individuals” considering her autoimmune conditions and Bimby’s asthma.

“In the big picture of life, we are still fortunate,” she added. “I would like to believe that I’m now a glass half full type of person – I no longer wish to focus on what’s not given, rather I am so grateful for blessings, and YES, our health is the most precious one.”

She then said that although her comeback won’t push through, she remains positive for the future of her career. “I continue to have faith there will be opportunities – all in God’s perfect timing.”

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My truth…

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It was last June when Kris revealed that she is ending her showbiz hiatus with Love Life with Kris, the teaser trailer of which premiered at the end of July. Rumors that it was canceled started circulating in August, though she remained mum about it.

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