Kris Aquino Says “I Shall Now Pray Before I Post”

Last week, during the APEC Summit 2015, Kris Aquino welcomed Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. She posted photos of her with the Mexican President and other local dignitaries on her Instagram account.

However, one Instagram photo earned a lot of criticisms from netizens. This photo showed her sunburned skin because she was in Fort Santiago at the peak of noon. She said in that post, “Quits na tayo sa lahat ng nahirapan mag commute these past few days, patas ang mundo, patche pache naman ang balat ko” (For the people who had trouble commuting these past few days, we are now even. The world is fair.)

On Saturday, Kris Aquino posted a quote on her Instagram

Kris Aquino Pray Before Post

With the caption:

Lesson learned, I shall now always pray before I post…

Netizens believe that this is in response to the previous post where she said that her sunburned skin is equal to what those who had a hard time commuting during the APEC Summit 2015 has experienced. She later apologized for the said post.

Do you also believe this is in response to her older post that got criticisms? What do you think of her statement of praying first before posting?