Kris Aquino Did NOT Erase Her Social Media Accounts. But She Might Just Make a Horror Movie Comeback

Kris Aquino gave many of her fans a scare after she temporarily deactivated her social media accounts which led many to believe she had deleted them all. However, Kris is now back with an explanation and a surprise announcement.

Kris posted on Instagram a slideshow of posters from a number of Filipino horror flicks she has starred in, namely Feng Shui (2004), Sukob (2006), Dalaw (2010), and Segunda Mano (2011).


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She apologized to her followers for temporarily disabling her account without warning and then shared that she has been reading a few self-help books, one of which is “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia.

“[It reinforces] my affinity for [Japan] and my quest for peace & healing,” Kris wrote about the book in the caption, before sharing the following quote:

“in life we sometimes misplace priorities and significance… if you can make the process of the effort your primary source of happiness, then you have succeeded in the most important challenge of your life… The inner joys and satisfaction will be more than enough to make you carry on with your life.”

“[What] does all my reading have to do with my horror movie posters? [In Singapore, I] asked myself what do [I] want to go back to that will encourage & inspire me to regularly do the water physiotherapy my doctors were all recommending? [And] this script was emailed to me,” she said, referring to the final photo from her slideshow — a blurred out title of what seems to be an upcoming horror movie.

Kris Aquino Film Project

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“[I] won’t give specific details, mabait ang producers because [I] had asked to start in September when [I] feel my immunity can take on the physicality required, but for now [I] need to strengthen myself,” Kris continued.

“[Thank] you for your patience with me. [I’m] learning to exercise that with myself, too,” she added.

Does this mean that we will finally see Kris Aquino act again on the big screen? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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Kris Aquino’s last film was the JoshLia romcom I Love You, Hater released in 2018. She also made a cameo appearance as Princess Intan in Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Are you excited for Kris Aquino’s long-awaited movie comeback?