Krem-Top Calls On All Filipinos to Strengthen Values & Change For the Better

Krem Top Change for the Better When In Manila Mae Ilagan-5

As we approach the end of 2014, I believe this is the perfect time for us to sit and reflect even for a while on the things we’ve done in the past to help us in our direction for 2015. Last week, when I got an invitation from the people from Krem-Top for their “Change For The Better” campaign, I didn’t have any second thoughts in joining.

Krem Top Change for the Better When In Manila Mae Ilagan

Krem Top Change for the Better When In Manila Mae Ilagan-3

Along with the country’s most reputable bloggers, we all gathered together for an afternoon of reflection and appreciation of our good innate Filipino values while enjoying heartwarming Filipino comfort food and cups of coffee courtesy of Krem-Top.

Krem-Top‘s “Change for the Better” campaign looked at our innate Filipino values that will remind us of our indentity  and can strengthen our nationhood.

Krem Top Change for the Better When In Manila Mae Ilagan-2

Renowned Phenomenological Sociologist Dr. Mina Ramirez of the Asian Social Institute gave  such an inspiring talk and identified Five Core Values that defines the Filipino people…. the core values which make us Pinoys different from the rest and are vital for nation building.

What are these 5 innate traits?

We Filipinos are….

1. Mapagpasalamat – We Pinoys always find things to be thankful for even in the smallest of things, no wonder we always celebrate all sorts of holidays and occasions. Because we are always thankful for the blessings we receive, we Pinoys are naturally joyful and sociable.

We are a nation who knows how to enjoy life.

2. Matatag – We Pinoys are resilient. We as a nation has gone through countless calamities and trials, yet we still stay  positive and manage to smile at the end of each day. This strength is drawn from our love for our family and our deep faith in God. We know we have to be strong for our loved ones and we know that as long as God is on our side, we will be ok.

3. Masigasig: When we dream of something, we will do everything to achieve it especially if it’s for our loved ones. We don’t mind enduring hardships for as long as we can provide for our families. We Fiipinos are very thoughtful… we think of others first because we find joy and fulfillment whenever we are able to work and provide for our loved ones.

4. Mapagmalasakit: Our love for our families are extended to our friends, neighbors and even pets. We have this innate compassion inside of us. We help without asking for anything in return. We consider our friends and pets as part of our family. We are a nation that has a heart for helping people in need and it is easy for us to express love and concern.

5. Magalang: We Pinoys are very respectful. The use of “po” and “opo” are still being practiced up to this day… proof how much we value and respect our elderly a lot. We respect our elders because we recognize their wisdom. We are basically very polite people and tend to be aware on how others would feel as we don’t want to hurt them.

On a personal note:

Learning about these traits made me appreciate myself more and definitely motivated me to do better. It re-affirmed  that I’m on the right track. I feel really blessed especially this year because, I was able to help a lot of people through From citizens in need of assistance, small enterprises who need help with their businesses and also talented individuals who deserve a break, I’m so proud to be able to touch people’s lives and make a difference in positive ways. Nothing beats that feeling of fulfillment and that overwhelming joy whenever I get a genuine “thank you” from people I’ve helped. And so for 2015, personally, my plan is to go more places to reach more people as possible and see how me and can help better their lives. Because for me, true success is when you help others be successful too!

Anu-ano ang dapat nating gawin sa buhay? (what should we do with our lives?)

With these innate traits in our DNA, I believe we already know what to do…. we just have to have the will to make it happen! Reflect,  take a good look back on these good traits and act on them. We should amplify the positive in us more. The future of our nation is in our hands and we hold the helm on where our future will be steered. And no matter what role we play in the society, big or small, let us always be reminded that we are all a part of this big puzzle and that we each play a vital part for the nation to be whole. I know we have a lot of dreams and aspirations in life…  perhaps, 2015 is the best time for us to really step up and change for the better!

Thank you so much Krem-Top for this very timely campaign!