Krave Cosmeceuticals Unveils New Products for 2013

When in Manila, women of all ages crave and desire gorgeous skin and a beautiful face.



Krave Cosmeceuticals, one of the youngest players in the beauty industry, has recently released its new line of skin care products and mineral make up. Although only a year old, the company has already made a name for itself among beauty bloggers as one of the best (and most affordable) go-to organic products available in the local market today. 



Proudly formulated and manufactured in the USA, Krave’s products contain ingredients that have been sourced from different parts of the world and carefully inspected and approved by the United States’ Food and Drugs Administration. On top of that, all Krave products are cruelty-free and non-comedogenic (won’t cause you to break out). Pretty nice for a local company, right?





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On January 12, 2013; friends, family and loyal customers including several members of the press and the beauty blogging community gathered at Palladium Club to witness the unveiling of the new products. We enjoyed delicious food and cocktail drinks as we mingled with other guests and even have our photos taken at the photo booth.





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Krave Cosmeceutical’s new skin care products include Fruttie Poreless toner spray, Moisture Visage 6 in 1 night cream, Anti Zit Splash with Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil) and Salix Nigra (Black Willow). Tea tree oil is already commonly known to possess antibacterial and antiseptic properties, while black willow contains salicylic acid, a skin exfoliant.





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The new make up line, meanwhile, includes Arch Precision Eyebrow Definer Kit, Krave Upgrade liquid foundation, Vegie-Lash Mascara and Outrage Restorative Lipstick, all of which promise long-lasting coverage while still letting your skin breathe.





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The 24-year-old Krave CEO Katrina Chua





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A plaque of appreciation being awarded to one of Krave’s best distributors





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The CEO and her friends behind her carefully formulated products





A quick fashion show during the latter part of the Krave event shows the models’ looks before and after using Krave Cosmeceuticals! Here are some of the best ones:




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After just a single year, Krave Cosmeceuticals has grown to become one promising company, indeed. 



When in Manila, it is always better to support local products that are safe for our skin as they are to the environment.



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Krave Cosmeceuticals Unveils New Products for 2013