Kozui Green Tea – Not Your Regular Tea Shop

We also sampled the drinks. Kozui Green Tea offers a selection of creamy drinks called Korichio and clear, tea-infused beverages. Here are some of their must-try beverages.

For Korichios, we tried the Matcha Melon Korichio and Taro Korichio. Both Korichios are like candied drinks with a blended ice cream-like consistency. Perfect for kids and kids at heart.

Matcha Melon Korichio and Taro Korichio


Matcha Melon Korichio (PhP 140) and Taro Korichio (PhP 140)




We also sampled a few clear drinks – the Genmaicha Lemon Teaz (PhP 90), Jasmine Lemon Teaz (PhP 90), and Moji Mint Tea (PhP 100). The Genmaicha Lemon Teaz is simple and straightforward lemon tea drink while the Jasmine Lemon Teaz is almost the same but has a floral essence. The Moji Mint Tea is a fruity beverage and it is an alcohol-free version of mojito.




For desserts, we sampled the popular Double Taro Anmitsu – a Japanese version of our halo-halo. Kozui Green Tea’s Anmitsu is available with an option between green tea ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a combination of both. The Double Taro Anmitsu has shaved ice topped with double taro jam, green tea jelly, dango balls, sweet azuki beans, and ice cream.




Double Taro Anmitsu

Double Taro Anmitsu (PhP 150)




The original frozen green tea is difficult to miss at Kozui Green Tea. Aside from being delicious, this dessert is 98% fat-free. Now, talk about a guiltless dessert!




Frozen Green Tea

Frozen Green Tea (PhP 80)




Just when I thought lunch was over, they brought over some mochi balls that comes with a surprice. The Mochi with Chocolate Truffle is beyond description. Pure chocolatey goodness.




Mochi with Chocolate Truffle


Mochi with Chocolate Truffle




Special thanks to Mr. Anthony So of Kozui Green Tea and his team for accommodating us and telling us a few back stories about how their shop came about. He was also so hip and all, posing a peace sign with me and my tea homies.




Mr. Anthony So of Kozui Green Tea hip and all, posing a peace sign with me and my tea homies.




When in Manila, green is in and healthy, and enjoy it best at Kozui Green Tea.




Kozui Green Tea

258 B. Tomas Morato Avenue,

Quezon City, Philippines

Contact No: (02) 413-2705

Facebook Page: Kozui Green Tea






Kozui Green Tea – Not Your Regular Tea Shop 

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