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When in Manila, long before the milk tea craze has blown into massive proportions and then became super saturated, Kozui Green Tea has already made a household name in tea, milk tea, and unexpectedly, Asian food.

Kozui Green Tea - It's Healthy to Go Green

Kozui Green Tea – It’s Healthy to Go Green

Kozui Green Tea is not only about green tea, milk tea, and any other tea-infused beverage although it does awesomely on that aspect. It also has a varied menu offering fresh healthy eats. Most of its food fare are Asian-inspired, mainly with dishes coming from the Chinese and the Japanese.

The idea of Kozui Green Tea began about six years ago, when healthy drinking and eating was just observed by a few, but was already starting to grow. It was during the time when people are beginning to be aware of the good effects of tea and C2 was selling in store like pancakes that Kozui Green Tea opened. To satiate the palate of healthy eaters, Kozui sprouted on a quaint spot in Tomas Morato. Known as a hangout area for yuppies going out for a drink on a Friday night to blow off some steam or eating breakfast at dawn as an after-party, anti-hangover cure, who would know that a resto centered on health would be noticed.

 A Selection of Kozui Tea 1

A Selection of Kozui Tea 2

A Selection of Kozui Tea

Aside from providing dine-in service, Kozui Green Tea also sells different blends of tea that you can bring home and enjoy at you personal comfort. Price for its teas ranges between PhP 100 to 200.

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