Korean Skincare or Taiwanese Face Masks? I Tried Both and Here’s What I Think About It

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

I’ve been a big fan of skincare for quite some time now. I’m always on the constant search for the next skincare product to use on my face and I love trying several products just to know what works for me. So when I got to try these sheet masks from Holy Sheet, I didn’t hesitate anymore. But these sheet masks are not your usual go-to Korean sheet masks–they’re from Taiwan! Even with Korean skincare around, Taiwanese skincare has also been gaining some popularity in Asia.

holy sheet

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When I received these sheet masks, I already noticed something different about them. From the packaging alone, I knew these masks were not the kind of sheet masks I’m used to. The ones I’m used were the masks that were white and only covered my face. But I could already see that some of these sheet masks are black, while the others intended to cover your entire face plus your ears and your neck.

holy sheet 8
These sheet masks also cover your neck and ears!

These sheet masks are from the brand Sexy Look, which seems to be a popular Taiwanese skincare brand. The first one I decided to try was one of the black face masks, particularly the one with the green packaging. I looked up this mask to see what its properties were, and I found out that it was a soothing hydrating black cotton mask that relieves overheated skin after sun exposure (great for someone who lives under the Manila heat!).

holy sheet 6

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Just from opening the packaging, I already liked the product. It didn’t have a strong smell which was a good factor and the sheet mask felt thick. It was packed with essence and it felt like it wouldn’t dry up immediately. When I put it on, it also didn’t sting my face which was great. I then left it on my face for around 10-15 minutes, and my face felt very soft and hydrated after.

holy sheet 5

Me trying on Sexy Look’s sheet masks for the first time!

All in all, I think that I can say that these Taiwanese sheet masks are up to par with Korean skincare. From what I experienced, these masks give what they promise and I can’t wait to try more. And if you’re also obsessed with skincare like me, this is something you should try!

What other skincare products would you also recommend for us to try? Leave your comments down below!

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