Korean Operator Of “Discriminating” VIP Lounge In Kalibo Is Suing Soldier For Libel

Not exactly the direction people had expected it to turn.

Local reports have it that the Korean operator of the VIP airport lounge in Kalibo, Aklan is planning to sue Ryan Layug, an Army officer, for libel after the latter accused the lounge of discrimination.


If you recall, earlier we ran the story on Layug’s experience, which had gone viral on social media.

According to Layug, as he attempted to check in at the VIP lounge of Discovery Boracay, he was apparently informed by the staff that they only offer the service to Koreans, and overheard a Korean supervisor saying, “No Filipino! No Filipino!”.

Pursuant to the Cybercrime Prevention Act, Donabem Corp, the Korean operator will sue Layug for libel, for posting “malicious and false accusation” on his Facebook page. The company, however, said that they will drop the charges once Layug issues a public apology to the company. The Korean operator also wants to “clear their name” as they have been “unfairly criticized”, according to their legal counsel.

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