Komura; invites you to experience Ready Player One in virtual reality

Komura official poster with partner logos

A book fair by Kwago and Warehouse Eight, Komura; is launching new pockets of experiences featuring exciting ways to tell a story. One of which is Komura; Pixel where different local independent video game developers will showcase their work and virtual reality (VR) startup Veer Technologies and the VR PH community will let everyone experience the movie Ready Player One in VR.


“Komura; Pixel is a platform where creators can explore multimedia storytelling using emerging technologies. We’re so thankful that Veer Technologies agreed to come to the book fair to show people how VR can be another medium to experience a book,” Kwago owner and Komura; co-founder Czyka Tumaliuan said.


Unlike existing gaming conventions and gatherings, the focus of Komura; Pixel is not just playing games, but understanding how technology is creating new narrative forms, as well as discovering new ways stories can be brought to life.


“We’re too behind. In the US, there’s Magic Leap already, an augmented reality comics platform. Basically, you have a comic book and there are holograms popping out and sometimes you can interact with it!

” Tumaliuan said.


Komura; Pixel will be designed in such a way that it will feel like you’re in your buddy’s bedroom where people can try out the games developed by the indie video game developer community and have a beer with them.


“I’m not a big gamer, but my childhood wouldn’t be complete without computer games. Playing video games is like a deep dive into another dimension, which what exactly what a book does,” Warehouse Eight co-owner and Komura; co-founder Kayla Dionisio said.


“Komura; has a strong writer and illustrator base and it’s exciting to bridge this group with the tech community in a chill and casual setting where they can share each other’s passions with ease and explore possible collaborations,” she added.

Featured creators and communities at Komura; Pixel:


Squeaky Wheel

Tadhana RPG by Nathan Riskin

A Single Moment by Tobie Abad

Golden Hour by Maatcha Studios


Shots Fired by Chry.se

Cosmic Gorgons

Veer Technologies



Komura; Book Fair is on June 16, 10am-8pm. Follow our event page for updates: bit.ly/KomuraJune